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For Park-wide Health Care Network Completed

Park-wide Health Care Network Completed

Launched in mid-2011, the ADK-Champlain Telemedicine Info Network (ACTION) uses broadband to enable remote consultation and sharing of medical data and images among 48 medical facilities in an 8 county region including 8 hospitals and clinics, and to provide coordinated medical care. Patients need to move around less to get correct care. ERs can pull in specialists electronically instead of putting a patient in an ambulance. It enables a team-based approach to healthcare. The region is ahead of the curve on electronic medical records and telemedicine.

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Telemed Network Service Reach Schools

The telemed network services are now being extended into schools and child care providers in the region.

Read the news story here.  Read the Senate bill (s3293) here.

Region's Telemedicine Network Usage Growing Exponentially

The telemed network took a long time to build but usage has taken off.

Read the news item here.

Telemedicine Rembursement Law Passed

Our regional telemed network should get used more now.  Health care providers can now be paid for delivering service this way.

Read about the new law here.

Adk-Champlain medical network operational

The long planned network now connects 40+ primary care and hospital sites

You can read the news story here.    One little know side effect of this has been that dark fiber (available for use) has been strung all over the place and it available for other companies to use to bring internet service to more homes.

For Park-wide Health Care Network Completed


More than One Major CCR Operating in the Park


Regional Hospital Goes Bankrupt