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For Inspections and Enforcement of Boat Washing at Most Boat Launches

Inspections and Enforcement of Boat Washing at Most Boat Launches

In order to stop worsening aquatic invasives, DEC and Lake Owner Associations and Towns has gotten much more serious about policing boats being put into ADK waters. Now there are lake stewards at most of the lakes at risk, in some cases round the clock.

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New Waterflea in Lake Champlain

The new bug is the fishhook waterflea.  It is related to the spiny waterflea which has spread to 12 interior lakes but was not detected in Lake Champlain in 2017.

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AWI Wins $9.3m NY State Contract

AWI won a large contract to continue operations of the successful aquatic invasives program.

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AWI Wins $600k Grant from the EPA

Paul Smiths College Adk Watershed Institute has won a $600k grant ftom the EPA for its invasives projects.

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4 New Asian Clam Sites in Lake George

The 4 new locations brings the number of known clam sites in LG to 23.

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Lake George Makes Mandatory Boat Inspection Program Permanent

The two-year trial for the mandatory boat inspection program on Lake George showed promise in combatting invasive and was recently voted into becoming a permanent program by the Lake George Park Commission. 

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Lake Champlain Basin Program Hiring 10 Boat Launch Stewards for 2016

LCBP will be hiring 10 boat launch stewards for the 2016 season on Lake Champlain to monitor traffic in and out of public boat access  points.

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DEC Announces $2m in Grants for Aquatic invasives

The $2m program will favor responses for regional proposals.

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Boat Inspection Webinar Teaches About Combatting Invasives

New York Sea Grant through Cornell University and State University of New York is offering a webinar series educating on how to create and manage a boat inspection program to combat invasives. 

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Two New Asian Clam Sites Found in Lake George

As part of the Lake George Park Commission's fourth annual Asian Clam Lake-Wide Survey, 14 of the previous Asian clam sites were confirmed to still possess live clams, and two new sites were found with juvenile Asian clams present. Rogers Rock in Hague and Basin Bay in Bolton were the two new sites. 

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Lake George Association Pledges $90,000 to Increase Boat Inspections

One week ago the Lake George Association pledged $90,000 throughout the next three years to increase support of boat inspection stations to keep out invasives. This week, the Lake George Commission along with volunteers from the community and local non-profits will be searching the lake for evidence of Asian clams.

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12 Boat Washing Stations and 14 Steward Sites now Open

The $1m effort to fight invasives is taking shape with the latest update of progress announced by Gov. Andre Cuomo during the Invasive Species Week.

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Water Flea Confirmed in Laek Champlain

Spiny water flea has been confirmed in Lake Champlain

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Spiny Water Flea is the New Hard Problem

These disrupt whole food chains.

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New Law Extends DEC Boat Launch Regs State-Wide

NYS laws passes the applies the same rules now in place for DEC boat launches to all boat launches state-wide.

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Read the legislation here.

New Regs Go Into Effect for all DEC Boat Launches

The new regs require boats to be clear of any plant and animal matter.

Read the news story here. Read the regulations here.

LG Boat inspection Website Launched

The new site details the whole program, locations, hours and all the details.

Take a look at the new website here.

Sea Lamprey Barrier will Help Lake Champlain

The new barrier, in Canada, will help keep the sea lamprey out of Lake Champlain.

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Collaboration on Aquatic Invasives Publishes a Big Plan

The plan takes learning from successful work and proposes a region wide effort to control aquatic invasives.

Read the report here.

Lake George Mandatory Boat Inspections Start May 15

The new system for boat inspections will begin May 15, 2014

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'Frozen Boat' Program for Local Owners

Locally stored boats will be able to get pre-season permissions all set up.

Read about the program here.

Paul Smiths and NYS Office of Parks Receive $910k for Invasives Work

Paul Smiths receives $500k and the NYS Office of Parks $410k for added boat launch monitoring programs from the EPA.

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DEC Proposes Broad Plan to Fine Boats with Invasives

The plan is ambitious and covers a large region.

Read a news article here.  It has links to the proposed plan.

Lake George Mandates Boat Inspections

This is the first lake to do this and it will take some time to work out the operations.

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Lake George issues first tickets for invasives

The total fine came to $1250

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For Inspections and Enforcement of Boat Washing at Most Boat Launches


Lake Owner Associations Double Spending on Water Quality