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For Lake Owner Associations Double Spending on Water Quality

Lake Owner Associations Double Spending on Water Quality

Lake Owners Associations have ramped up funding to combat invasive aquatic species and monitor and enforce regulations on septic system runoff. The growth in spending is so large that a dozen fast growing companies have sprung up to do the work. Lake cleanup is a big, fast growing, business. These lake front property owners understand that water quality directly affects their property values."

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Scrhroon Lake Basin Awarded $290k to Implement Plan

The grant project will address acquatic invasives in the entire basin, using the plan developed over the past few years.

Read the award on page 90 on the 2018 REDC Awards booklet.

NYS Releases Plan to Fight Algae Blooms

NYS has released a plan to combat algae blooms on Lake George and Lake Champlain.

Read the news about it here.
Read the Lake Champlain plan here.
Read the Lake George plan here.

2017 First Year in a Decade With NO New Contaminated Lakes

2017 was the first year in a decade that now new lakes became contaminated with invasives.

Read the news story here.

LG Wins $600k to Address Lake Invasives

The funds will implement a 3 year strategy o remove dense beds of milfoil.  It will also support 5 more boat washing stations.

See page 95 of the 2017 REDC awards booklet here

Lake George Wins 2 Grants for Storm Water Projects

$125k will implement 4 roadside and 5 stream bank stabilization projects to reduce soil erosion in Lake View Circle.  An additional $114k will fund 5 retrofit projects.

See page 94 and 95 of the 2017 REDC grant awards booklet here.

Essex Cty Wins $360k for Storm Water Work

The grant funds will purchase a new vacuum truck to clean catch basins in 18 towns.  It will build 4 new rain gardens and storm water control projects near Lake Champlain.

See page 75 of the 2017 REDC awards booklet here.

Spiny Water Flea Disappears from Lake George

The invasive surprised everyone when it arrived but now, just as suddenly, is has disappeared.

Read the news story here.

Two Dam Lakes to See Dredging Engineering Studies

Two lakes in Belmont, Mountain View Lake and Indian Lake, will have studies done about removal and disposal of excess sediment using a $40k NC REDC grant.

Read about the grant on page 71 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet.

Invasive Clams Found at 3 New Sites in Lake George

Invasive clams have been found at three new locations in Lake George.

Read the news story here.

Spiny Water Flea invades Indian Lake

Indian Lake was the largest invasive free lake in the Park.  Now it has been invaded by the Spiny Water Flea, as has Lake George and Lake Champlain.

Read the news story here.

Queensbury Wins $243k for LG Watershed Plan

The watershed management plan for Lake George will guide funding for future projects.

Read about the grant on page 105 of the 2015 REDC awards booklet

Lake Placid Awarded $1.85m for Mirror Lake Water Quality

The project will use bioretention and porous pavement to manage rainfall and protect Mirror Lake water quality.

You can read more about the grant on page 82 of the 2015 REDC awards booklet.

Usher Park in Lake George Improving Stormwater Runoff Infrastructure

Three new dry wells and two trench drains were installed in Usher Park in lake George to improve the stormwater runoff capabilities of the area. The work done by the Lake George Association and the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District will capture and filter stormwater runoff preventing it from flowing directly into the lake with salt and other dissolved materials. 

Read the news story here

Eradication Effort for Asian Clams Begins at Rogers Rock

Aquatic Invasive Management, a company from Ausable forks was hired to apply rubber mats to a new Asian clam site at Rogers Rock to hopefully eradicate the infestation. Lake George Association fronted the money in order to respond quickly and rapid response also occurred with the Adirondack Park Association and DEC. 

Read the news story here.  

Lake Champlain Property Assessments Adjusted Downward

Problems with algae blooms have driven down lake front property values.  The town has reduced tax assessments to reflect the decline.

Read the new story here.

The State/Fate of the Lake Event Promotes Water Quality Awareness in Lake George

The Fund for Lake George and the Hague Water Quality Awareness Committee are co-sponsoring an education event to raise awareness about water quality of Lake George. Experts will provide information and answer questions and presentations will address the three biggest challenges for Lake George. 

Read the article here

APA Approved Permits to Fight Invasive Species

The Adirondack Park Agency approved two general permits to give invasive species management organizations the ability to rapidly respond to invasive species infestations. 

Read the news story Here

LG Steward Program Revived

The idea is to talk to people towing boats, work the social side, inform then about spiny water flea.

Read the news story here.

ADK Lakes Alliance Forming to Fight Invasives

Local governments, 60 lake owner associations and enviro groups together are forming the new group

Read the news story here.
Look at their website here.

$16m for Lake Champlain VT Farm Runoff Control

A major $16m grant will help cleanup Vermont farms polluting Lake Champlain

Read the news story here.

Bolton Advances Watershed Protection

New conservation easement will protect Bolton's drinking water supply area.

Read the news story here.

Airetta Board Tackles Invasives

Another Town Board get with the program on invasives.

Read the news story here.

Warren Cty Supervisors Decide how to Split Invasives Funds

The county board of supervisors have agreed on a plan that covers smaller lakes. The plan splits up $150,000 across a specific lake protection district.

Read the news story here.

Big Push to Take Milfoil Out of Lake George

A major 2-3 year effort to take milfoil out of Lake George is getting organized.

Read the news story here.

Warren Cty Wins $482k for Lake George Invasives Controls

The Lake George Watershed Coalition is the main partner in the grant.  Some $200k will be released early to buy 5 boat washing stations for Lake George asap.

Turn to page 98 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here.
The story about early release of funds is here.

New Porous Pavement to be Used in Lake George

The DEC will install a new type of porous pavement for the public road and parking lot at Million Dollar Beach at the south end of Lake George. The pavement will allow rain and storm-water runoff to seep into the ground beneath the road and parking lot instead of running over them into the lake. This will help to remove sand, salt, fertilizers, and other materials from runoff before it enters Lake George.

This project was highlighted in the Adk Council's 2013 State of the Park report

Lake George to Get 14 Dry Wells to Capture Road Runoff

Two towns will install 14 new dry wells to help manage storm water runoff from roads.

Read the news story here.

Lake George to Get 24-hour Guards Against Invasives

The new 24x7 coverage will begin next spring, 2014

Read the details here.

Lawn Fertilizer Awareness Campaign Gaining Traction

The "Adk Lawn" campaign begins a neighbor-to-neighbor conversation about runoff from fertilizer and other lawn chemicals polluting lakes.  Neighbors put up the small but distinctive signs to show they get the message.

Read the news story about it here.

Loon Lake chemically treated for milfoil

A early spring chemical treatment may make a difference.

Read the news story here.

Spiny water flea invades Lake George

There is no remedy for the flea once it is in the lake, and it now it there....

Read the DEC press release here.

Lake Champlain non-point source mgt plan program

$200,000 from the NCREDC to develop the plan for non-point pollution like storm water and farm runoff.

You can read about the grant here.

Implementation of the Ausable River watershed mgt plan funded

$218,000 from the NCREDC is a grant to implement this plan.

Read the Ausable River watershed plan here.

Lake George non-point source storm water work funded

This was another NCREDC grant to address storm water issues for Lake George.

You can read about the grant here.

Implementation of Schroon Lake watershed plan funded

$300,000 from the NCREDC funded implementation of this effort

Read the Schroon Lake watershed plan here.

For Lake Owner Associations Double Spending on Water Quality


Inspections and Enforcement of Boat Washing at Most Boat Launches


Municipalities with Public Sewer Systems Double