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For Arts Centers Produce Integrated Park-Wide 12 Month Season

Arts Centers Produce Integrated Park-Wide 12 Month Season

Three major arts centers (e.g., Blue Mtn Lake, Lake Placid and Old Forge) have begun planning integrated production calendars that enable the movement of productions from each center around to the others. The movement of people and programs leverages the production budgets of all of them and supports bringing productions to small towns as well as the larger stages in bigger villages. The program is called "Connecting Communities Through Art".

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Park-Wide Integrated Arts Calendar Online

An online calendar for arts events all over the Park is now online.

See the calendar here

ADK Center for the Arts Wins $74k for New Shows/Season

Based in BLue Mtn Lake, the theater produces traveling shows with 60 performances in 20 towns in the region.

Turn to page 78 of the 2013 REDC booklet  here.

ADK Lakes Summer Theater Festival funded for 3 yearsThe NCREDC grant will support a touring company presenting shows in many towns

The grant lasts for three years and supports the group as a touring operation, not a single theater site.  Details can be found here.

Read about the 2012 REDC grants here

Adk Shakespeare Expands into Fall and Spring

The company used to be a summer-only group and is now expanding.

Read the news about it here.

For Arts Centers Produce Integrated Park-Wide 12 Month Season


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