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For Broader Marketing Changes the Profile of Visitors

Broader Marketing Changes the Profile of Visitors

Efforts to brand and market the region to Asian, Latino and other non-white communities are working, as are efforts to attract more international visitors. Non-white and foreign people are now 25% of visitors to the Park and their numbers are still climbing. To many international visitors, especially Canadians, the US is an affordable vacation destination. The issue is attracting them to the Park versus other US destinations.

Influenced Scenarios



Indian Lake Wins $90k Marketing Grant

The project will implement a branding and marketing initiative to bring people to the area.

Read more on page 72 of the 2019 NYS REDC Grant Awards Booklet.

Wild Center Wins $366k Market Grant

The purpose of the work is season extensions of various forms.

Read more on page 71 of the 2019 NYS REDC Grant Awards Booklet

Diversity Marketing, Programming and Training Wins $167k

Adk Experience won the 2 grants for research and hiring interns to bring more diverse visitors to the region.

REad more on page 71 of the 2019 NYS REDC Grant Awards Booklet.

Campsite Rental Site Launched by AirB&B

The new site, called Tentrr, offers a way for owners of under used camp sites to earn a bit of money.  It is soon to be available for the Adirondacks.

You can check out the site here.

Promotion of NYS Ski Tourism Wins $264k

The promotion program will focus on "kids ski free" aan effort to introduce children to winter sports.

See page 76 of the 2017 REDC awards booklet here

$250k Grant Will Support International Children's Games

The event will bring 1250 athletes from 50 nations to Lake Placid.

See page 75 of the 2017 REDC awards booklet here.

LP Gets Back Into Big Winter Sports Events

Lake Placid has won the 2019 Children's Games and 2019 Bobsled and Skeleton World Championships.  It is also bidding on other large winter sports events, but not the Olympics which at the present time are too big for LP.

Read the news article here.

Bass Fishing Tournaments Bring $1.4m Into Champlain Coast

The Lake Champlain Coast including Ticonderoga have seen bass fishing tournaments bring in substantial new tourism money to the economy.

Read the story here.

Wild Center Wins $300k for Marketing to Millennials

The $300k NC REDC grant is the implementation follow up to a reserch grant the Wild Center won in 2015.  

Read about the grant on page 71 of the 2016 REDC awards booklet.

Halloween Festival at Adk Museum Wins $125k grant

The Adirondack Museum has won a $125k grant to develop, promote and launch a new halloween festival at the museum in 2017.

read about the grant on page 72 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet.

Saranac Lake Wins $75k to Host Snowshoe Championships

The village will host the 2017 World Snowshoe Federation Championships.  The grant funds will assist in hosting and promotion.

Read about the grant on page 72 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet

Cycle Adirondacks Wins $75k for NYC Marketing

The Wildlife Conservation Society runs the annual Cycle Adirondacks events.  The funds will go to promotion in the NYC metro area.

Read about the grant on page 71 of the 2016 REDC awards booklet.

Iron Man 70.3 Wins $50,000 NC REDC Grant

$10k a year for 5 years will support the new, shorter, Iron Man 70.3 race to be held each September after Labor Day in Lake Placid.

Read about the grant on page 69 of the 2016 NC REDC grant awards booklet

Mkt Research About Millennials Released

The Wild Center released a market research report about millennials desires.  Turns out they are not very outdoor oriented.

Read the news story here.

Lake Placid Forms community Event Council

The LP Community Development Corp has formed a new event council to coordinate the many events that come to Lake Placid.  There a numerous hosting groups and this should help them avoid conflicts and improve LP's role as a host to events.

Read the news story here.

Collaboration Agreement Between Quebec and New York Includes International Sports Initiative

New York and Quebec leaders have signed a collaboration agreement which includes an international sports initiative looking to include athletes from Quebec in the 2017 Empire State Winter Games and sharing use of training facilities from both areas. 

Read the news story here

North Country Chamber Commerce Launches "North Country Adventure" PBS Series

The North Country Chamber of Commerce received funding for "North Country Adventures", a series of short segments featuring unique activities, offerings and history of the region. The series will be targeting Canadian visitors to help attract more to the area. 

Read the news story here

$264k for Ski New York Marketing Program

A multimedia project - events, billboards, online all aimed to grow skier visits by 5-10%

Read more about the grant on page 87 of the 2015 REDC awards booklet.

The Wild Center Awarded $130,625 for New Markets for the Wild Center & North Country Project

The New Markets project partially funded by the REDC grant will market itinerary-based products to attract more millennials and more visitors from around the world, especially China and Australia. 

More information can be found on page 83 of the 2015 Grant Booklet

Jack Ma Talks About His Adk Land Purchase

The Chinese entrepreneur bought 28,000 acres in 2015 in the northern area of the Park.

Watch the video of him explaining why here.

Bassmaster Elite Fishing Tournament Coming to Lake Placid Summer 2016

B.A.S.S. Elite Series and New York State are partnering to bring the Bassmaster Elite Series and the Governor's Challenge Tournament to Lake Placid and Auburn. The support from New York State in bringing the premier fishing even to the region showcases the Adirondacks as a fishing destination. 

Read the news article here

Major Tourism Campaign on NYC Transit

NYC buses and subways will see a big boost in Adirondack ads.

Read the news story here.

MLPBS Wins $138k Grant Aimed at Canadian Visitors

The multi-platform media project aims to attract Canadian visitors to the Lake Champlain area.

See page 68 of the 2104 REDC Awards Booklet.

Tibetan Arts Festival Coming to Plattsburgh

The festival will be supported by a $76k REDC grant.  The Adk Youth Orchestra is featured and a multimedia documentary, community art project.

See page 67 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet.

Empire State Games Go Global

This winter games have 19 sports.  The $275k grant will bring global competitors and spectators to the Olympic facilities.

See page 67 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet.

Large Fishing Tournament Coming to LG

Lake George is planning a major fishing tournament for July 2015. It has a trade fair and all sorts of related activities.

Read the news story here.

Report Says Envrio Groups Missing Diversity

The new report documents the 'greens' as insiders clubs with little minority membership. 
View the report here.

The article about the issues of attracting minorities to rural tourism destinations.  The article raises the question of continued protection at risk
Read the article here.

NYS Tourism Promotion Budget Doubles

The State's promotion budget for tourism will hit $45m, higher than any other State.  Only a few years ago it was just $4m

Read the announcement here.

Promoting the Adks as a "Wellness Destination"

An upcoming conference aims to educate area businesses on Wellness Tourism

See the program here.
Read the press release here.

Cuomo Brings a Winter Sports Challenge to the Park

The whitewater challenge was a big success for the region.  This follow-on event of the same style is about winter sports in the Lake Placid region on March 9, 2014

Read the news story here.

Cuomo's whitewater challenge brings press to Indian Lake

Cuomo brings the political press to Indian Lake to promote tourism. Google "cuomo whitewater" and you will find volumes of entries. It got extensive coverage.

You can read one fun news story here.

Fishing Tournaments Aim to Broaden Exposure

Bassmaster events get ESPN broadcasting time, other broadcast and magazine stories reaching some 90 million people.

Read the news story here.

National Parks Do Not Appeal to Minorities

The National Park Service has launched a program to attract minorities which are only around 20% of their visitors.

The NY Times story about this issue is here.

For Broader Marketing Changes the Profile of Visitors


ADK Pass Program Widely Marketed


Cell Phone Coverage On Park NYS Highway Corridors Completed