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For Largely Empty Interior Zones Declared ADK State Park

Largely Empty Interior Zones Declared ADK State Park

The State Legislature votes to put largely uninhabited interior sections of the Park into a formal Adirondack State Park structure, eliminating town and county government activity in the region which includes Hamilton County. Small private in-holdings remain but there are no local government services. It will be run by the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Like most NYS Parks, it charges a user fee per vehicle day and additional fees for amenities like campsites.

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2020 Census Shows 5.24% Decline Since 2010

The 2020 census data shows a decline of -5.24% in the Park from 2010 to 2020 but it ranges from -39% (Parishville) to +22% (Colton).  Look at this excellent map showing town level data.  Where there are increases, they appear to be mostly retired people who are residents that leave for winter months.

Data for 2021 that captures the pandemic time shows a small North Country in-migration.

Read the NCPR new article summary here.

Populations Continue to Shrink in Hamilton and Essex Counties

For 2010-2012, Hamilton County Population is down 1.2% and Essex down 1.0%

Here is a link to the Hamilton County data
Here is a link to Essex County data

You can use the site explore other counties and other demographic data like race and age compared to the State. The best data on Park populations can be found here.

For Largely Empty Interior Zones Declared ADK State Park


Governor Orders Agencies to Treat Park as One Region


State Delivers More Services Electronically