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For More Citizen-Sponsored Initiatives in the Park

More Citizen-Sponsored Initiatives in the Park

Various citizen groups are beginning to get things done in the Park. Groups like ADK Action are getting results on issues ranging from less road salt to broadband to assessment standards. The View arts center in Old Forge, the re-opening of Big Tupper in Tupper Lake, the building of universal broadband in Keene, are all examples where groups of citizens proactively addressed the issues that matter to them instead of asking a government agency to do it for them. This model of citizen-organized solutions is catching on all over the Park.

Influenced Scenarios



Citizen Science Gets a $20k State Grant

The Lake Placid Land Conservancy has won a $20k grant to develop stronger citizen science programs.

Read the story here.

Former Brant lake Restaurant to Become Community Center

The former SuzyQ's restaurant will become a community center operated by the area YMCA/YWCA

Read the news story here.

Long Lake Starts "Tidy Town Initiative"

The Long Lake Lions Club has launched the "Tidy Town Initiative" that recognizes individual and group efforts to revitalize or improve the local area. Winners will be those that undertake a big or small effort for improvement and will receive a certificate. 

Read the news story here

Citizen Science Comes to Invasives Identification

APIP begins it's annual training program to enlist citizens in identification of aquatic  invasives.

Read the press release here.

Winter 46 Climb to Benefit High Peaks

The goal is to climb all 46 peaks in 12 days starting Feb 18, 2014.  People can pledge amounts per peak.

Read the news story here.  The followup story is here.  He did it in 10 days!

New Citizen Science Wetlands Phenology Project

The project is EPA funded through the APA.  The work is being done by Paul Smiths and the SUNY ESF Adk Ecological Center

Read the new story here.  It has links to various programs.  A related story from the EPA is here.

Citizen's Group Rescues Old Leantos

The group works on maintaining and rebuilding damaged leantos in cooperation with DEC

Read about their work here.

Cougar Watch Program Launched

A program to collect cougar sightings is launched.

Read the details here.

ADK Works Launches a Campaign Against Litigious Behavior

The group, associated with the Tupper Lake ACR project, launched a $130,000 campaign to bring attention to this issue state-wide.

Read about it here.

ANN Study Shows Huge Impact of Non-Profits

The study covered only 36 of an estimated 500 non-profits and their impact was about a half billion dollars.

Read the study results here.

Citizen Scientists Recruited for Winter Wildlife Tracking

A new WCS program will enlist volunteers to survey animal tracks in the roadside snow.  The region of interest connects the Adirondacks to Tug Hill in the west.

Read the announcement here

Grass roots effort started to attract and support teleworkers

Adirondack Teleworks is based in Indian Lake but intended to attract teleworkers all over the central area of the Park.  It is another example of citizens organizing to get good work done.

If you are seeking a telework job this is a great place to start.

Big Tupper, the ARISE Project, to Re-Open Winter 2013-4

The Big Tupper Ski Center will reopen this year.  It is an extraordinary all-volunteer effort to do it.  Last year it was closed in the aftermath of the Adirondack Club and Resort lawsuit.

Read about plans for this winter here.

For More Citizen-Sponsored Initiatives in the Park


Many Park-Wide Efforts to Build/Strengthen Interdependence


More than 1000 Affordable Housing Units Added in Hamlets