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For Many Park-Wide Efforts to Build/Strengthen Interdependence

Many Park-Wide Efforts to Build/Strengthen Interdependence

There are more gatherings like Common Ground Alliance and the ADK Futures Project at the community and regional level. These gatherings spark new, focused, projects and regional interactions allowing a positive sense of direction to emerge. Having a regional sense of alignment to a positive direction motivates a lot of people and groups to take independent action to move their projects and dreams forward.

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Park Wide Summit on Algae Blooms to be in Ticonderoga

The state sponsored summit meeting on algae blooms will be held in Ticonderoga on March 20, 2018 and streamed live.

See the news article here.

Great South Woods Recreation Plan Released

The effort to establish region wide recreation plans has completed the first test case in the Great South Woods region.  The SUNY ESF project covers 2 million acres and 20 Unit Management Areas.  The goal is to step back from UMP level work on Forest Preserve and include consideration of land easements and private land.

Read the news article here.
To get the report go to this DEC page.

ADK Action Holds Park Cultural Symposium

The meeting brought together leaders of arts and heritage organizations from all over the region.

You can see video of the presentations here.

ROOST Holds Park Wide Tourism Summit

The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism holds the first tourism summit meeting in the Park.

Read the news story here

First Ever Adirondack Nonprofit Summit Held

Read about it here.

Common Ground Alliance to Receive ALA Award

The Common Ground Alliance will be presented with the ADK Landowners Association Stewardship Award in December 2013

Read the announcement here.

For Many Park-Wide Efforts to Build/Strengthen Interdependence


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