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For More Community-Based Retirement Facilities Open

More Community-Based Retirement Facilities Open

More and more ADK communities are building and supporting small to medium-sized retirement facilities and staffing them with a mixture of paid and volunteer help from the community. These facilities help keep families together and emphasize the importance of inter-generational connections to the health of the community. Unlike the Continuing Care Retirement approach, these do not require large upfront payments to enter. They do not provide medical services.

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Vilas Senior Home in Plattsburgh to Expand

The owners of the Willsboro senior home have purchased the Vilas facility have plan the expansion.

Read the news story here.

Ti Nursing Home sale Approved

The nursing home in Ticonderoga will be sold to the same group that purchased Uihlein in Lake Placid.  Conversion of traditional nursing home to acute care recovery, skilled nursing facilities is happening all over.

Read the news story here.

New assisted living facility opens in Willsboro

Elderwood Purchases Uihlein Nursing Home

The new owner will rehab the facility and turn it into a Skilled Nursing Facility.  The deal has been in the works for a long time and finally closed.

Read the news story here.

NYS Brings $7.1m to Nursing Homes

Due to cuts in Medicaid, the region's nursing homes almost went bust, but NYS stepped in and delivered millions to cover the losses.

Read the news story here.  The news item is old, but the funds actually arrived in 2015, saving a number of these organizations.

Adk Health Partners with Nursing Home Operator

Adk Health has set up a partnership to manage the Uihlein nursing home and develop a host of new elder care services on the site in Lake Placid

Read the news story here.

Horace Nye Nursing Home Sale Completed

Formerly owned by Essex County, the nursing home has sale is now final.

Read the news story here.

Warren County Nursing Home sale contract signed

The buyer is the same company that bought Essex and Fulton County homes.

Read a new story about this here.

Horace Nye nursing home sale contract signed

This is the Essex county nursing home . The contract begins a year long effort to actually close the transaction in Dec 2013.

A news story about the sale is here.  Since then, the news suggests the sale is on track for a closing as planned.

For More Community-Based Retirement Facilities Open


Many ADK Towns Implement Paid EMTs for Daytime Shifts


More than One Major CCR Operating in the Park