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For Many ADK Towns Implement Paid EMTs for Daytime Shifts

Many ADK Towns Implement Paid EMTs for Daytime Shifts

It is increasingly hard to get enough EMTs in many towns in the Park. The average age of an EMT is over 50 in at least 10 towns. This is now the leading 'health care crisis' topic in the Park and it is getting a lot of attention. A model already used in other rural areas includes fees for wilderness rescue and daytime ambulance calls to enable hiring paid staff are being discussed. Insurance typically pays these fees, not individuals.

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Essex Cty Wins NYS Approval for Paid County-Wide EMS

Essex County will be allowed to assess new taxes to pay for a county-wide emergency medical service.  It will begin in towns where emergency calls are most frequently not getting any response.

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Essex Cty Begins @2.27m Pilot Program for Paid EMS Staff

The small scale program is a test in 4 towns to see how a mixed paid and volunteer staff work together.  The $2.27m is NYS funded.  

Read the news story here.

Essex Cty Begins Move to Regional EMS Services

The country won permission to set up a tax district to EMS service.  It also won $6.5 million to begin the operation.

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4 Towns Have Some Paid EMT Shifts

Schroon, Minerva, Newcomb and Willsboro-Essex all have some paid EMT shifts now.  Essex County is considering organizing this county-wide.  

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Study Details Cost Savings of Volunteer Firemen and Cost to Switch to Paid

The Fireman's Association of New York State released a study detailing the costs required for a state-wide switch to paid firefighters from volunteers would be $3.3 B annually in addition to an initial investment of $5.9 B.

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 Detailed study can be found here

Willsboro and Essex Moving on EMT Issues

The first step is changing how the rescue squad is owned so it can accept insurance payments.

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EMT Volunteer Shortage in Essex, Clinton, Franklin Counties

Changing demographics, the current job market, and busy schedules are some of the reasons cited by Essex, Clinton and Franklin Counties as to why the number of EMT volunteers has been steadily decreasing. While Mooers, Franklin, Champlain, Schroon Lake, and Wilmington have shifted to paid EMTs, Essex and Clinton counties are assessing whether they should do the same. 

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Lake Placid ER to be Open 15hrs/Day

The 24x7 ER in Lake Placid was very lightly used.  So it will close late at night, operating only 15hrs per day.

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Paid daytime EMT shifts becoming the model

The town of Colonie, south of the Park has pioneered the mixed paid/volunteer model

Read more about their program here

For Many ADK Towns Implement Paid EMTs for Daytime Shifts


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