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For ADK Healthcare System Shifts Focus to Wellness

ADK Healthcare System Shifts Focus to Wellness

With 80% of health care costs related to chronic illnesses (and mostly in older people), regular contact with a local doctor is essential to keep them on their program and out of emergency rooms. The ADK Medical Home Pilot (one of 8 nationally) proves successful in getting payment programs to pay for health instead of illness events and getting people to see their doctors regularly. It is also more satisfying for the GPs, who get more regular contact with patients. This is a project sponsored by the ADK Health Institute, a collaboration of Adk Health and CVPH.

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St Joe's Opens New Detox Center in Saranac Lake

The new 10 bed center has been worked on for a long time.  It is now open.  It is certified to offer services to older teens (16-17).  It handles alcohol and drug issues.

Read the news story here.

New Childcare Project Announced in Keene

Little Peaks preschool has announced a new project in Keene.  They will build a new facility for full time care from 3  months to 5yo. 

Read the announcement here.

Childcare Offerings Shrinking in the Park

The Park is rapidly losing child care services.  Mostly, it was home care and those providers are retiring with few new providers entering.  This is greatly complicating the recovery from COVID.

Read about the loss here.

Hudson Headwaters to Open New Clinic in Ticonderoga

The new primary care clinic will move into a new 10,000 sq ft facility in part of the old hospital in town which is now part of the UVM Health Network.  A $5.6m grant will pay for the construction.  

Read the news story here.

New Wellness Center Opening in Chester in May 2019

The new Chester facility will open a 1200 sq ft space in the old school where town offices and the library are already located. A $128k grant from the Adk Health Institute will help with costs.  Behavioral and mental health service will be available in addition to fitness.

Read the news story here.

Wilmington Health Center Opens in New Building

The new 3400 sq ft health center on 2 acres cost $1.3m.  It is associated with the Elizabethtown Hospital and the Burlington hospital.

Read the news story here.

New Wellness Center in LP Opening

The new health and fitness center, including primary and ER facilities formerly located in the old Lake Placid Hospital is opening.  The old site will revert to the Village of LP

Read the news story here.

Ticonderoga Hospital Mergers Into UVM System

The Ti Hospital will operate with the Elizabethtown Hospital which is already part of the U of Vermont Fletcher Allen system.

Read the news story here

St Joe's in Saranac Lake Gets State Funding for Detox

The new drug and alcohol detox center will have 10 beds.  The only other one in the region has 7 beds.  

Read the news story here.

Clinton County Operating Mobile Crisis Teams

The county now has mobile crisis teams to respond to addiction issues, mental health or other health crisis.  Their role to be be sure people are connected to appropriate resources.

Read the news story here.

New Daycare Center Opens in Port Henry

A new day care center for children has opened in Port Henry

Read the news story here.

New Heath Center Opens in Crown Point

The new facility offering more space and big improvements is now open.

Read the news story here.

New Wellness Institute Launches in Westport

The new institute will feature a teaching faculty from leading teaching hospitals in New York.  It will be based in Westport at the Normandie Beach Club, a resort with a long history.

Read the news story here.

New Health Center Coming to Crown Point

The new health center will be connect to the UVM health system.  

Read the news story here.

HHH Gets $325k to Help with Opioid Addiction

Hudson Headwaters Heath will see $325,000 to help with the region's emerging opioid addiction crisis.

Read the news story here.

Heroin Detox Center to Open in 2017

Everything is in place to open a heroin detox center to serve the region. 

Read the news story here.

Healthy ADK Provides Insight to Public Health Issues

Healthy ADK is a website that shows a variety of public health indicators.  it can be sorted by county, or even by zip code.  It gives anyone a better sense of what the issues are that we need to address and also where we are doing well.

You can view the website here.

Adk Heath and Kinney's Open New Tupper Lake Clinic

Taking a new step in bringing easy access to health care, ADK Health has partnered with Kinney in Tupper Lake to open a new type of common care walk-in health clinic.

Read the news story here.

Adirondack Health Awarded $2M Grant for Medical Fitness Center in Lake Placid

Adirondack Health was awarded a REDC award to construct a new Medical Fitness Center in Lake Placid which will include fitness and training services for athletes. 

See more information on page 81 of the 2015 Grant Booklet 

The Medical Fitness center is part of Adirondack Health's major expansion and future Olympic bid. A large portion of the $33M expansion project will be providing facilities for a shift from sick care to well care. 

Read the story detailing the expansion plan here

Inter-Lakes Health's Program Begins Fall Prevention Program

The latest program from Inter-Lakes Health aims to prevent injuries from falling this winter, especially in the elderly population. The program includes physical therapists and occupational therapists that assist patients in strength and balance training, getting regular checkups on medications, eyesight and hearing.

Read the news story here.  

Interlakes Health Offers Mobile MRI Service

MRI mobile servies as well as CT scans, x-rays, ultrasound and bone density testing will be available on Mondays outside Inter-Lakes Health. The expanded services offer greater quality healthcare to the area.

Read the announcement here

Adirondack Health Offers Diabetes Self-Management Education

The six-week program on Diabetes Self-Management educates those with the disease on how they can best manage their symptoms and optimize their quality of life. 

Read the announcement here

Adirondack Health Offers Innovative & Early Lung Cancer Detection

New, affordable lung cancer screenings are offered at Adirondack Health to catch the disease at its earliest stages before symptoms develop. They also announced a new technology that allows for less invasive surgery when lung cancer is detected.

Read the press release here

Adk Health Institute Starts Population Health Improvement Program

The program kicks off August 6th and will address population health and health disparities and will help identify and address the factors that most impact health and quality of life in the region.

Read the story here

Ausable Forks Health Center Relocates to Larger, Improved Facility

The over 4,300 square foot new facility has allowed for more space, and better facilities to provide the best possible care for area patients.

Read the news story here

38,000 sq ft primary care facility opens in Warrensburg

Hudson Headwaters built this big new facility. They are the regional leaders in primary care operations

Read more about this new primary care facility here.

ADK Health Launches New Strategy

Patient centered wellness is the new system. Hospital use is way down, so it is changing facilities.

Read the news story here.

SLK Veterans Rehab Facility Opening in June 2104

The facility, run by St Joe's, is a $3m project and will employ 12 people. 

Read the news story here.

Hospital Admissions Falling

As more primary care takes hold in the region, hospitals are seeing hard times and shifting to primary care as well.

Read an update here.

The ADK Medical Home project among national leaders

The Adirondack Region Medical Home Pilot aims to lower health cost by keeping patients out of hospitals and emergency rooms. It is working, as shown by the losses in regional hospitals.  It is one of a handful of such experimental programs nation-wide.  Doc's are paid to keep people healthy, not just when they are sick.

For ADK Healthcare System Shifts Focus to Wellness


Many ADK Towns Implement Paid EMTs for Daytime Shifts