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For Climate Science Skepticism Fades

Climate Science Skepticism Fades

Long-lasting droughts, more hurricanes, floods, record temperature years a number of years in a row all contribute to the understanding that climate change is real and so is the science behind it. All the conversation now is about 'wise adaptation' to it.

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NYS DEC 2021 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

The report concludes NYS greenhouse gas emissions have declined 6% since 1990

Read the report here

Timbuctoo Summer Climate Institute Funded

The Timbuctoo Summer Climate Institute funded with $2.1 million in the 2022 NYS budget.  It will be a joint venture of SUNY ESF in Newcomb and CUNY in Brooklyn.  It expects to host a 2 week summer program for 30-100 students from Brooklyn at the Newcomb facilities.  It is expected to help with diversity in the Park, bringing new people to the region.

Read about the program here.

Wild Center's Youth Climate Summit Wins $449k Grant

The new $449k grant from NOAA will fund expansion of the program, linking it to NYS-wide efforts, and adding to the leadership aspects of it.

Read more about it here.

Wild Center To Build New Climate Exhibit

TWC won a $250k grant to build a new exhibit about climate resilience.

Read the news story here.

Climate Change Data Update

Paul Smiths college presents data on ice in/out, tick populations and so on indicating warming in the region.

Read the news stories here and here.

Keene Signs onto Clean Energy Community Program

The program supports communities making progress with grant funding to take next steps like solar PV for municipal needs, LED bulb swaps, and so on.  It saves money and reduces carbon emissions with grant funds - so it is easy to sell.  It is a NYSERDA program you can read about here.

Read the news story here.

Lake Placid and Saranac Lake Sign Up as Climate Smart Communities

Both Lake Placid and Saranac Lake have signed on to the Climate Smart Communities program.  It is a NYS DEC program you can read about here.

Read the news about Lake Placid here.
Read the news about Saranac Lake here.

Wild Center See $500k for Climate Change Literacy Work

The NOAA grant lasts 3 years and will support the Youth Climate Summit work and other education programs at the Wild Center.

Read the news story here.

Lake George to Write Climate Change Action Plan

The town and village won a $25k REDC grant to write a climate change action and it hopes to be the first one in the Park.

Read about the grant on page 90 of the 2016 REDC awards booklet

Cuomo And Gore Announce Climate Change Initiatives

At an announcement at Columbia University Gov. Andrew Cuomo committed to signing the "Under 2 MOU",  expanding the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and expanding solar to all SUNY Campuses and 150,000 more homes by 2020.

Read the news story here

Wild Center and ADK Youth Climate Summit Featured at White House Climate Education Summit

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy hosted a Back-to-School Climate Education Summit that featured the Wild Center's Adirondack Youth Climate Summit. A local University of Vermont Student who played a key role in the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit was the moderator for a discussion with the keynote speaker at the event. 

Read the news story here

Climate Summit Youth Goes to MIT

The Wild Center youth climate summit leaders gaining recognition.

Read the new story here.

PBS Documentary Describes Student Efforts Aimed at Climate Change

The new PBS film follows high school students in Lake Placid, Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake as they prepare for the Youth Climate Summit.

Find out about the film here.

5 Ways Climate Change is Showing Impacts Here

More rain, longer growing seasons and more....

Read the news item here.

NSF Grant Supports New Class "Communicating Climate Change"

Paul Smith's and The Wild Center are collaborating on the new class.

Read the news story here.

January 2014 4th Warmest on Record

Data for January 2014 suggests warming trend continues.

Read the news story here.

Climate Change Skeptics Still Around 1/4

The surveys change a bit but surveys say 23% or fewer of US citizens don't believe in global warming.

Read the news story here.

Even Texans Admit Climate Change is Happening

Recent research (here) finds that 70% of Texans believe global warming is happening but about a third of those think it is due to natural causes.  Majorities think that government, individuals and corporations need to do more about it.

Ice Records in Newcomb show shortening winters

Ice In / Ice Out records from 1975-2007 for 5 lakes near Newcomb showed rapidly decreasing trends of up to 21 days less ice cover, mostly due to later freeze up.  This research was done at the SUNY ESF research site in Newcomb.

Here is the academic citation:
Beier, C.M., J.A. Stella, M. Dovciak and S.A. McNulty. 2012.  Local climatic drivers of changes in phenology at a boreal-temperate ecotone in eastern North America.  Climatic Change 115:399-417.  DOI: 10.1007/s10584-012-0455-z.

Here is a link to the publication.

Winter logging season getting shorter

This is a story about how shorter winters impact the logging business in the Tupper Lake area.

Read the news story about this development here

New data shows temperatures highest in 4000 years

New ice core data reveals temperatures highest in 4000 years.

Read the NY Times news story about this research http://climate.nasa.gov/key_indicators " target="_blank">here

For Climate Science Skepticism Fades


Climate Change Refugees Moving into Region


Regular Severe Weather Events Stress The Park