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For Regular Severe Weather Events Stress The Park

Regular Severe Weather Events Stress The Park

Climate change has put more water vapor in the atmosphere and caused more precipitation. There are now regular heavy floods in winter and spring. Severe and violent thunderstorms cause blowdowns and fires, and there are more frequent power and communications outages. They regularly tear up roads and destroy bridges which are increasingly difficult to repair before the next disaster. All this puts pressure on Federal Disaster relief, local government and local emergency services.

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Another Ausable River Dam to be Removed

A dam on the West Branch of the Ausable River near Lake Placid is to be removed.  All funding is in place.

Read the news story here.

Old Mill Dam in Ausable Forks Being Removed

The old dam in Ausable Forks will be removed.  It will take 3 years and work is now beginning.

Read the news story here.

YTD Rain is 30% Below Normal, Wells Are Going Dry

The extended clear dry warm weather has caused many water wells in the region to go dry.   Rain for 2016 is 30% below normal.  Lake levels are reaching lowest levels recorded.

Read the news story here.

Lincoln Pond Dam Getting a Major Rebuild

The current dam was built in 1912 and in need of a lots of work.  There are many homes and a DEC campground on the pond.

Read the news story here.

Third Dam Removal Project Gets Funding

Storms damaged a number of dams in the region.  One is Willsboro has been removed.  Mary Dam is being dismantled slowly.  Now one is Moriah is slated for work to breach it although not quite remove it.  Others are sure to be removed in the future because needed repairs and insurance costs demand decisions.

Read about the Moriah dam here.  Read about Marcy Dam here.  Read about the Willsboro dam here.

11 Properties Now Franklin County Property as Flood-Buyout

Franklin County received $750,000 from FEMA to buy 11 properties along the Salmon River that have been chronically vulnerable to flooding in recent years. 

Read the news story here

125 New Weather Stations Coming to NYS

SUNY Albany will establish the new sites all over NYS including the Park over the next 3 years.  They will provide real-time weather data of various types.

Read an update on the project here

Federally Funded Projects Must Plan for Climate Risk

The new Federal rule is much like the recent law adopted by NY State

Read the news item here.

New Law Requires Climate Change in Permitting, Funding

The Community Risk And Resiliency Act requires agencies to consider climate change in permitting, funding, siting an regulatory decisions for project treatment, the Open Space Plan, and more.

Read the press release here.
Read the law here (A06558/ So6617-B)

State Adds $3m to Keene and Jay Flood Resilience Budget

The 2 towns had been promise $6m if they created a credible plan.  Many NYS towns were part of the same program.  The plan produced by Keene and Jay won a state-wide award that resulted in an added $3m for a total of $9m.

Read the news story here.

Buyouts of Flooded Homes in Essex County Completed

Funded by FEMA and NYS, the process took almost 3 years and is now complete.  The homes will be demolished and become parkland.

Read the news story here.

Numerous Rt 73 Flood Damaged Bridges to be Replaced

The Ausable River watershed bridges were almost all damaged by Irene.  Many (not the newest ones) will be replaced in 2014.

Read the news story here.

DEC Decides to Remove Storm Damaged Marcy Dam

The old back woods log dam will be removed slowly.

Read the news item here.

FEMA Flood Plain Mapping Near Completion

Previous maps only used distance from the water's edge, not elevation topography.  The new lidar maps are being done to establish new flood plains and insurance rates across the entire North Country.

Read the news here.

State Puts $6m Into Keene and Jay Flood Work

The State has allocated $3 million each to Keene and Jay for projects to make the communities get past the next flood(s) without so much damage.  Local committees are to decide how the funds can best be spent.  Here is the announcement:

Read the announcement press here.

Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011

Irene caused unprecedented damage in eastern Park communities

Read about Irene here.  As a resident of Keene, I would point out that now, 2 years after the flood, substantial parts of the rebuilding remain to be done.  Road repairs, bridges, removal of ruined abandoned homes, stream reconstruction all remain incomplete.  This is not for lack of trying.  It is just slow.

This article gives a great overview of the storm.

Lake Champlain reaches record levels and floods

Before Irene in August, Lake Champlain reached record levels in April and May

The flooding was epic the spring before Irene hit in August.  Read about it here.

June 2013 flooding

Floods in the region in late June 2013 caused enough damage to qualify as a disaster area again.

Read about the June 2013 floods here

For Regular Severe Weather Events Stress The Park


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