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For Ticonderoga IP Plant Switches to Natural Gas

Ticonderoga IP Plant Switches to Natural Gas

Major reduction in regional greenhouse gas emissions in region. Major employer commitment to stay in Ti. New natural gas pipeline will provide gas to others in this corner of the Park. The gas will replace all the fuel oil currently burned at the mill.

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Ti Papermill Will Truck in Gas, Cancels the Pipeline

There will be no pipeline gas coming into Ticonderoga but the mill will truck in gas to replaced fuel oil

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First Phase of IP Gas Line Approved

Still needed is the second phase to bring the line to Ticonderoga.

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Vermonters Object to Gas Pipeline

The pipeline company says 70% of the gas will go to IP Ticonderoga.  The rest will go to all sorts of customers along the route.  Vermont is the first state to pass a fracking ban.  Protesters say the pipeline will bring fracked gas into the State.

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IP Ticonderoga gets grant for gas line connection

It is just part of a long process to switch the IP Ticonderoga operation from fuel oil to gas, but it is a big step forward.

The news story about this is here.

For Ticonderoga IP Plant Switches to Natural Gas


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