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For New Grid Plans Emphasize Distributed Power Production

New Grid Plans Emphasize Distributed Power Production

New planning for upgrades to the electric grid within the Park focuses on enabling more local generation of power from all sources (hydro, solar, small scale wind, biomass co-gen). Increasingly, towns have local power production and the larger grid is a backup and a place to send excess power. First we need the engineering studies, then the pilots with a few towns, then a more widespread upgrade.

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Malone Town Offices Install Solar Panels

Installation of solar panels at Malone Town offices at Malone Dufort Airport has begun, and the project will be operational once National Grid replaces the local transformer to allow for input of the renewable energy into the grid. 18 - 20 homes a year will be powered by the project. 

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Major Power Transmission Lines to be Rebuilt

The region produces 3x the power it consumes.  Most of it is hydro and wind.  Rebuilt transmission lines are needed to get the power to markets.

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On-Site Power Generation to Begin at 53 NY Hospitals and Schools

Gov. Cuomo announced that 53 hospitals and schools around New York State will begin on-site power generation. By generating their own power, the facilities will have a more reliable system than being connected to the larger grid. 

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Cuomo Announces $40m Micro Grid Competition

The idea is these will work with the main grid when everything is fine but disconnect and operate independently during large scale power failures.

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Distributed Production will Reshape the Grid

The trend toward distributed energy production is expected to reshape the grid from the edges in, not from the center.  The NYS Smart Grid Consortium is coordinating activity across the State.  The action, however, will not be upstate but in places like Long Island where demand is so much higher.

Here is an interesting trends report.

For New Grid Plans Emphasize Distributed Power Production


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Ticonderoga IP Plant Switches to Natural Gas