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For Electric Vehicles Showing Up in the Park

Electric Vehicles Showing Up in the Park

Electric vehicles are showing up in the Park. There are now public, or shared private, vehicle charging stations all over the Park. EV drivers no longer are worried about running out of power.

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Westport Wins $112k for EV Chargers

Westport will install new fast chargers in town

Read the news story here.

New EV Chargers at Stewarts in Keene

Construction is underway at the Keene Stewarts shop to add fast EV chargers.  There will be 4 level 3 fast chargers.

Read the news story here.

EV Charging Stations at Two DEC Campgrounds

In Ray Brook, the Meadowbrook Campground, and the Frontiertown Campground in North Hudson now have EV charging stations.  There are about 200 now inside the Blue Line.

Read about these chargers here.

3 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open in Keene

The three new public EV charging stations will soon be joined by several more at Marcy Field hiker parking.

Read the news story here.

Tupper has 11 Charging Stations, LG has 12

Electric car charging stations showing up is larger numbers in Tupper Lake (11) and Lake George (12).  

Read the news story here.

Old Forge Gets its First EV Charging Station

Old Forge now has its first electric vehicle charging station.

Read the news story here.

2 Electric Vehicle Chargers Appear in Tupper

They are Tesla Chargers, at the Faust Motel next to Racquette River Brewing. The owner of the brewery has bought to classic motel to renovate.

Read the news story here.

Saranac Lake to Add Electric Car Charging Station

The station will have two outlets and be located behind the police station.

Read the news story here.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Popping Up all Over

There are now 14 charging stations for electric vehicles scattered around the Park.  Old Forge, Inlet, Lake George, Bolton, Chestertown, Elizabethtown, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake and Keene all show public access charging stations.  Plattsburgh and Queensbury, just outside the Park, have many charging stations

More sites are added all the time.  Look at PlugShare.com for the most current information

For Electric Vehicles Showing Up in the Park


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