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For Many School Districts Attracting Students from Outside Park

Many School Districts Attracting Students from Outside Park

Newcomb is famous for launching a successful foreign student program. Now there 5-10 new programs. Most have some unusual angle. One school might be very strong in environmental science. Another might have an art, music or theater focus. Another focuses on students of a particular language. Ties to the top rank public schools in big cities with a similar focus are common. School safety is a selling point. The Adk schools have money, facilities and expertise. What they all need are diversity and larger student populations.

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School Populations Continue to Decline

2021 saw school age population continuing to decline.  More retirees are moving in but student populations continue to fall. 

Read the news story here.

School Populations Down Regionally 2011-19

New study show 2011-19 school populations down broadly.  Keene, for example, is down 2%.  Indian Lake is down 28%.  The largest, Saranac Lake is down 6%, Lake Placid down 13%.  The trend holds broadly across northern New York.

Read the news story here.

School Populations Decline Again

Public school populations continue to decline across the Park.  Keene dropped below 150.

Read the news story here.

Lake George Schools Plan for Population Decline

A study done for the district suggests another 25% decline in coming years before the school population stabilizes.

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2017-18 School Populations Mixed

Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake are down, differing reasons are cited.  Keene, Lake Placid and Ausable Valley are flat.  Ausable Valley seeing a bump in children from the new farming community.

Read the news story here.

Rural Schools Shrink, See Increasing Poverty

A new study of rural schools across NYS shows declining student populations and increasing poverty levels of remaining students.  Elizabethtown and Westport are highlighted in the article.  Districts with flat student populations are considered to be doing well.

Read the article here.

2013-14 school enrollments mostly steady

20014-14 school enrollments are mostly steady

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Keene Central School welcomes 6 international students

Newcomb helped Keene launch this program to attract 6 high school students from 6 countries. The goal is to add diversity and academic competition to the school. Students lived with host families. The program is a big success and is expected to continue.  The key has been solving the housing issue.  In Keene, there is a waiting line of families who want to house a student.

The school's description of the program is here
The news story is here.

For Many School Districts Attracting Students from Outside Park


High Quality Park Schools Attract Students from Neighboring Districts


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