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For Airports in and Near the Park Expand Flights to Major Cities

Airports in and Near the Park Expand Flights to Major Cities

A major airline (e.g., Southwest) now operates at the Plattsburgh Airport so there are more flights to major cities like New York and Washington. The Watertown Airport now handles medium-sized jets and has a few flights to major cities including Chicago.

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Flights to JFK from Saranac Lake Begin

Cape Air has begun one round trip each day from Saranac Lake to JFK Airport in New York City.

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Saranac Lake Airport Get $3.5m in Grants

A new fire fighting truck and repaving the runway are paid for with these grants.

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PBG Opens Customs Services

Plattsburgh International Airport now has operation US Customs and Border Services.  The long planned opening mean the airport can handle international flights expected for Montreal customers and also Lake Placid events.

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Plattsburgh Airport Work Completed

The expansion of the terminal and related projects are now complete.  The EAS funded flights are now to Washington Dulles, via United.  Flights to Boston ended.

Read the news announcement here.

Plattsburgh Airport Wins $900k Grant for Firehouse

The grant will renovate a 12,600 sq ft firehouse on the airport.  It is part of a 5 year capital spending plan.

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$175k Grant for Saranac Lake Airport

The grant will pay for tree clearing on the runway approaches.

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Plattsburgh Airport to See $38m Invested

NYS will invest another $38 million in the airport (PBG) to develop services supporting the emerging transportation manufacturing businesses there.

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SLK Airport to Get $1.5m for General Facilities

The Saranac Lake Airport building supporting snow removal equipment, rescue and fire fighting equipment will be doubled in size with the $1.5m grant.  Jack Ma is now using the airport for his 757.

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Plattsburgh Airport Runway to See $500k Upgrades

The $500k grant will be used for runway safety projects.

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Ogdensburg Gets $11m in Federal Funds for Expansion

This new money continues on the $7.5m it got in 2015.  Funds will improve all parts of the airport.

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Plattsburgh Airport Only Received 1 Bid for 2 Year Flight Contract

PenAir was the only airline to submit a bid for flights from Plattsburgh Airport for the next 2 years. PenAir will continue flights to Boston, which is a plus, but the county was hoping for more. 

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Warren County Airport to Replace Two Hangars

Replacing 2 old hangers will help accommodate a long waiting list of private pilots.

Ogdensburg Airport Expanding Flights, Terminals and Airport

Ogdensburg airport recently was awarded$7.5M in federal funding in order to expand its runway and allow for the airport's deal with Allegiant Airlines to commence. Allegiant Airlines agreed to fund the expansion of the airport's terminals to offer flights to Orlando and Myrtle Beach but needed a longer runway to do so. 

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Watertown Airport Lengthens Runway for Larger Jets

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted the Watertown Airport with a $3.5M grant to extend their runway by 1,000 feet. The longer runway will allow the regional airport to accommodate larger jets all year, will attract interest from more airlines, and will hopefully allow for flights to more southern destinations. 

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Plattsburgh Airport Gets $4.5m for Terminal Expansion

This new NCREDC grant will help launch construction in 2014.

Turn to page 74 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here.

The expansion will allow for international flights, and a customs station. All locations of flights are not yet confirmed, however the Clinton County Legislator hopes for it to be first U.S. airport with flights to Cuba. 

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Watertown Airport Expands and Improves Facilities for Private Planes

The Watertown International Airport has added a new building and hanger for the growing sector of private plane traffic in and out of the airport. The new building includes a conference center, pilots lounge and service center.

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Adirondack Regional Airport Wins Grant for Safety Improvements

A federal grant of $151,525 from the U.S. Department of Transportation will allow the Adirondack Regional Airport to upgrade lighting and runways to improve safety of aircrafts. 

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SLK Airport Sees $632k Upgrade

The Saranac Lake airport will expand indoor storage for snow plows and rescue equipment.

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LP Airport Adding 15 Airplane Parking Space

The Lake Placid airport is adding new apron parking for 15 planes.  This is 90% FAA funded. 

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Cape Air Halts Plan for Flights to Westchester Airport

Cape Air has abandoned plans for a once a day from Saranac Lake to White Plains.  The tickets were expensive and sales were poor.

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LP and SLK Airports See $1.1m for Upgrades

The funds will go to maintenance projects at the two airports.

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$55m Expansion of Plattsburgh Airport Approved

The local lawmakers approved the most ambitious plan which will almost triple the size of the airport terminal and double the parking.

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Saranac Lake Airport to get $1 million terminal expansion, upgrade

This will add a waiting area and bathroom inside of security, accommodate new scanners, move the hertz counter, and such

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Plattsburgh is to begin expansion construction in 2014

It has a $2.5 million Federal grant for the project.  Specifics are still not finalized but one version was a plan to grow from 3 gates to 9.  The main market is people in the Montreal area because fares in the US are cheaper. Non-stop direct flights to Paris, inland vacation packages,  etc. are expected to be big winners.

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Read news from the airport web site here.

Airport Upgrade Grants Flowing

2013 grants for infrastructure are flowing to these airports (click on the town to see details): 
Saranac Lake
Warren County

Malone and Ogdensburg also received infrastructure grants.

Plattsburgh International has been a much bigger success than anticipated and is considering a big expansion.  Here is the story: http://pressrepublican.com/0100_news/x937526893/Legislators-mull-terminal-expansion-options

For Airports in and Near the Park Expand Flights to Major Cities


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