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For Three No Snow Winters in a Row Close Many Businesses

Three No Snow Winters in a Row Close Many Businesses

Three winters in a row with very low snowfall have forced many winter recreation businesses to close. Winter visitors used to account for 1/3 of annual tourism revenue, but that has dropped by half. The activities worst hit are snowmobiling and cross country skiing. Ski areas w/o snowmaking close or open only occasionally, often staffed by volunteers. In general, the Adirondacks loses winter visitors to other regions.

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Snowmobile Visitors are Wealthier than Average

A new report from ROOST includes data showing snowmobile visitors are wealthier than your average summer visitors.

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Read the ROOST report here.

Gore Mtn Gets 85% of Power from New Array

The new 5.3 megawatt array in nearby Whitehall is dedicated to the ski mountain and will provide 85% of it's needs.  It may be the largest array dedicated to a ski resort in the nation.

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Snow Factory at VanHovenberg Running

The large scale snow factory will keep the area's trails covered all season and extended seasons are hoped for.

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Cascade Ski Center Wins $82k Climate Adaptation Grant

The NC REDC grant will buy some snowmaking equipment but also help them expand and diversify their facility for uses in other seasons and operate year-round.

Read about the grant on page 69 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet

Snowboarding Loses its Market

Snowboarding, recently booming, is now on the decline.

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Snowmobile Registrations Crash

Snowmobile registrations has fallen off a cliff.  The 2015-6 weather meant insufficient snow for the sleds to run.  Why pay to register your sled it you can't use it.

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Another Big Skiing Event Cancelled

The big annual cross country event was cancelled due to the warm weather.  Lack of snow at the venue was one problem, but the competitors have not been able to train anywhere in the Northeast, illustrating the much bigger scope of the warming problem beyond no snow in Lake Placid.

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Big Tupper Ski Area Not Opening For 15-16 Season

Big Tupper Ski Area in Tupper Lake has announced that it will not be opening this year for skiing and snowboarding due to the warm weather and lack of snow. 

Read the announcement here

2015/16 El Nino Seen as Preview to Warm Winter Problems

The warm winter of 2015/16 is causing havoc with winter tourism.  Sports like cross country skiing, snowmobiling, ice climbing and ice fishing are hardest hit.  Events get cancelled, skiers decide not to come; the impact is broad.  Winter tourism is about 1/3 of annual tourism.

Read the overview article here.  There are lots of interesting facts and figures.

World Cup Aerial Skiing Moved to Utah Due to Weather

For 31 years this event was in Lake Placid.  But this year, warm weather forced moving it to Utah.

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Indian Lake Ice Fishing Derby Cancelled Due to Warm Weather

The annual Indian Lake ice fishing derby usually draws a large crowd. Due to the unseasonably warm weather and lack of ice on the lake this year it has been cancelled. 

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Snowmobile Registrations Grew 22.5% in 2012-13

Snowmobile registrations in 2012-13 increased 26,300 to 116,725.  That is a 22.5% increase in one year!

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For Three No Snow Winters in a Row Close Many Businesses


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