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For DEC Implements General ADK Park User Fee

DEC Implements General ADK Park User Fee

The ADK Park Permit is like a fishing license or ski mountain pass and has to be carried at all times when using trails, camping, etc. Residents don't need it, their drivers license or school ID serve the same purpose. The general user fee income will be used for visitor marketing, operations, and maintenance. It can be purchased from many shops in the Park and online as well.

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Lake George Commission Proposes Rate Increase for User Fees

The Lake George Commission has requested an increase in annual boat registration fees from $10 to $12.50 for 2017 depending on the boat size. The commission is also requesting an exemption from fees for sailboats and other vessels without motors or with motor less than 10mph. 

Read the news story here.

For DEC Implements General ADK Park User Fee


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DEC Implements Reservation Systems for High Use Areas in Peak Seasons