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For Advanced Forest Management Helps with Climate Adaptation

Advanced Forest Management Helps with Climate Adaptation

The northern forest is under tremendous stress from the effects of climate change. The most advanced thinking about forest management is focused on helping the flora and fauna adapt to the changes and to strengthen the overall ecosystem and keep it healthy as it changes. The new consensus is that active forest management is good from a human and a biocentric point of view. You can't just sit there and watch the forest fall apart.

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WCS Program to Close

The Adk program of the Wildlife Conservation Society in Saranac Lake will close at the end of the summer season.  They we one of the leading science groups in the region.

Read the news story here.

USDA Forest Service Releases Report Arguing for Proactive Management

A recently released report from the USDA Forest Service identifies the expected changes in the Northern Forest in the next 50 years and how actions today can influence those outcomes. The report argues for proactive management practices that are economically viable and ecologically sound.

Read the report here

Wildlife Conservation Society Names Adirondacks as 1 of 15 Priority Regions

In their recently released 2020 Manifesto, the Wildlife Conservation Society set out goals and action plans that focus on 15 priority geographic regions and 10 priority animal species around the world. The Adirondacks as an Eastern North American Forest was specified as one of the priority regions WCS will be focusing on.

Read the WSC 2020 Manifesto here

Marcy Dam to be Dismantled

The dam was badly damaged by floods from Irene.  It will not be replaced and will be slowly dismantled in order to allow sediments to settle.  Perhaps not 'advanced' this is a new sort of thinking.  The former pond, now a mud flat, will regrow as it wishes over time.

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After allowing a period of public comment, and receiving two entries, the permits have been applied for and construction begins soon.

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Climate Change Collides with the Wilderness Act

The Wilderness Act is all about hands-offs management.  But some wilderness advocates are asking if that is the best idea in the age of climate change.

Read a July 2014 NY Times piece on the topic here.

For Advanced Forest Management Helps with Climate Adaptation


Amendment of Land Swaps to Consolidate Forest Preserve