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For DEC Implements Reservation Systems for High Use Areas in Peak Seasons

DEC Implements Reservation Systems for High Use Areas in Peak Seasons

These systems meter the flow of people in high use areas during peak seasons. All visitors much have a user permit with them. There are 2 models for this. In both cases, these systems only would operate in busy seasons. 1) The analogy is to DEC campground fees, fishing licenses, hunting licenses, snowmobile licenses, and ski tags. They are simple to get, often online, and inexpensive. The primary benefit is assuring the user they will get the experience they are seeking by limiting the number of people. 2.) The analogy is to other popular sites, like the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. You must get a time slotted permit, online or in person, during busy times. But the passes are free. The goal is to meter the number of people in a specific area at any one time.

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DEC Hires New Person to Manage Visitors in the Park

The new role in Park leadership will deal with trail rebuilding and crowding.

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15,000 Hikers Use AMR Permits

The AMR permit system trial attracted 15,000 hikers during the 2021 season.  That is about half of the number who visited the AMR in 2020, the peak pandemic year.  Numbers of hikers were down in 2021. 

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The AMR and DEC Have Launched a Hiker Permit

To hike on the AMR, first you need a reservation to park.  If you can't park, you can't hike.  No walk-in's allowed.  The reservation is free.

See the new reservation portal here.
Here is the DEC description of it.

Rt73 Parking Control Attempts to Limit Crowds

From Chapel Pond to Keene Valley, parking along Rt 73 has been banned.  The parking tickets are $250.

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Parking Control Seeks to Handle Peak Weekend Crowding

The high peaks area experienced record crowds on Labor Day weekend 2016.  DEC will try turning hikers away when parking is full during the Columbus Day weekend.  A new websites, www.ADKalert.com, will warn people before they arrive of parking conditions.

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Essex Chain Reservation System Abandoned

Usage of this newly acquired area has been very low.  The 30 campsites have never been full.  The reservation system was not useful.  

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For DEC Implements Reservation Systems for High Use Areas in Peak Seasons


DEC Implements General ADK Park User Fee


Many Government Owned Recreational Assets are Privatized