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For The Arts are a Large Growing Source of Jobs in the Park

The Arts are a Large Growing Source of Jobs in the Park

All sorts of arts employment had been showing up around the Park. But now it is clear that this is more than just an amenity. The arts, in their many forms, have become a large and recognized source of new jobs. More than the jobs in the arts organizations themselves, the arts attract residents and visitors to town restaurants, stores, etc. They are part of breathing life into hamlets.

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Pendragon is the Big Winner of SLK DRI Grants

Pendragon Theater won $2.5 million toward moving into a new space in town.  Other projects shared $7m more.

Read the news story here.

$93k in Arts Grants Distributed to 39 Projects

$24k to Clinton County
$40k to Essex County
$13k to Franklin
$17k to Hamilton

More detail on the 39 projects can be found here.

Pendragon Wins $500k REDC Grant for Construction

The theater is moving and this is intended to help with renovations.

Read about it on page 76 of the 2018 REDC Grant Awards booklet

Star Trek Set Tour Wins $108k for Promotion

The Ticonderoga based Star Trek Original Series Set Tour will hold a series of 2018 weekend events.  The funds are for promotion.

See page 75 of the 2017 REDC Awards Booklet here.

Star Trek Studio in Ticonderoga Gets a $300k Grant

The private grant will allow the Star Trek studio to buy the building it is in and become a permanent attraction in Ticonderoga.

Read the article here.

$50k Grant Will Help Plan for Native Art Fair in 2018

The Native American Art Fair will celebrate, promote and advance carers of Mohawk and Abenaki artists.  The fair will be held in 2018.

Read about the grant on page 72 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet..

BluSeed Studios to Add Art Educator Program

The Saranac Lake venue will start a professional arts educator program using the $55k NC REDC grant.

Read about the grant on page 72 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet

Saranac Lake to Create Arts Master Plan

The $50k grant will support creating an arts master plan with the goal of increasing economic benefits of the arts in the whole region.

Read about the grant on page 71 of the 2016 REDC grants booklet.

Trekonderoga Wins $26k for Promotion

The funds are to boost attendance at the special 2017 Star Trek fan gathering.  It will host a original series set tour of a CBS licensed set replica.

Read about the grant on page 69 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet.

ANCA Releases Art Trail Map

Funded in 2014, the ANCA Art Trail project has released the map.  

You can review the map here.

4 Groups Win Arts/Cultural Programming Funds

The Akwesasne Cultural Center

..each won grants to support positions to expand their programming.

You can read more about the grants on page 83 and 86 and 104 of the 2015 REDC awards booklet.

Two Groups Win Theater Feasibility Funding

Seagle Colony in Schroon Lake and Pendragon Theater in Saranac Lake both won grants to conduct feasibility studies for new, replacement, theaters. Pendragon also won funding for marketing.

You can read more about these grants on pages 82 and 83 of the 2015 REDC awards booklet.

NY Times Discovers Star Trek Studio in Ticonderoga

Star Trek (in Ti) and Elvis Tributes (annually, in Lake George) add income to a region of the Park.

Read the news story here.

Art & Cultural Leaders Meet in Lake Placid

Members representing art and cultural organizations from around the Adirondacks met in Lake Placid to discuss possibilities of collaboration and promotion of the arts in the North Country. The meeting was a result of previous gatherings of the Common Ground Alliance and Adk Action that focused on the sustainable growth of the region and noticed the increasing attendance of art representatives. 

Read the news story here

ANCA Art Trail Project Wins $60k REDC Grant

The will fund phase 2 of this project to grow, build and market the art trail.

See page 71 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet.

Pendragon Wins $15k Grant for Feasibility Study

The REDC grant will assess the needs and options for a theater an community arts center in Saranac Lake.

See page 70 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet.

UJAC Wins REDC Grant

The Upper Jay Art Center has won a $50k grant to hire a full time artistic director.

See page 66 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet

Adk Shakespeare Co Win $37k REDC Grant

The grant will hire a marketing assistant for day-to-day management.

See page 66 of the 2014 REDC Grants Booklet.

ADK Center for Writing Begins Residency program

The program has received an endowment to operate one week a year in the fall. 

Read about the new program here.

Report Shows Development Impact of Non-Profits

The report, produced by the Adirondack Non-Profit Network, highlights the broad scope and substantial economic impact of the region's non-profits.

You can find the report here.

Seagle Music Colony Gets $118k Grant for Improvements

This 98yo professional voice training school will see $100k for buildings and $18 for marketing

Read a news story about the grants here.

Adk Regional Arts Trails Project Wins $52k Grant

BluSeed Studios will develop the trail to arts organizations, galleries, theaters, artists and craftspeople to residents and visitors.  It has an online component.

Read about it on page 75 of the REDC grant booklet here.

Westport Economic Dev Plan Proposes "Adk Art Town"

The plan, now in the hands of local leaders, proposes the idea of Westport becoming an Adirondack Art Town.  These types of planning projects are funded by NYS Dept of State. 

To find out more about what that means, exactly, take a look at the draft plan posted here.

Traditional Arts of Upstate NY (TAUNY) and ANCA get NCREDC grant

The $190,000 grant to TAUNY will support collection management.

Read about the 2012 REDC grants here.

For The Arts are a Large Growing Source of Jobs in the Park


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