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For Back Country Usage Showing Growth

Back Country Usage Showing Growth

Outdoor recreation is growing. 46'ers in record numbers. A new back country skiing group has formed. The Governor is promoting the region's resources.

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Weekend Cascade Trail Reroute Works

Moving all Cascade trail parking to the Mt Vanhovenberg area worked well.  Trail head stewards were a big part of the solution.

Read the news story here.

Multiple Efforts Underway to Manage High Peaks Crowds

High Peaks crowds along Route 73 from I-87 exit 30 to the Ski Jumps have caused all sorts of problems and multiple efforts are underway to handle it.

Read the news story here.

46er's Start Trailhead Steward Program

The 46er's have started a new program manning stations at the beginning of popular trails like Cascade.  The give people trash bags, inform them of waste disposal, trail conditions, etc.  It is like the summit steward program, but at the beginning rather than the end of a hike.  Great idea!

Read about the program here.

Social Media Boosting 46er Numbers

It appears that social media like Facebook and Instagram are boosting the number of 46er's hiking the Park summits.

Read the news story here.

High Peaks Crowded on Perfect Labor Day Weekend

Perfect weather on 2016 Labor Day weekend brought peak crowds to some of the high peaks like Cascade.  

Read the news story here.

Group of 67 Hikers Ticketed

The group arrived in 2 bus loads and headed up Algonquin.  Rangers ticketed the group.

Read the news story here.

46ers Group Continues to Grow

The club added 6.5% to its membership in 2015.  

Read the news story here.

High Peaks Hiking Growing Some

It depends what years you pick but since 1998, for example, Heart Lake hikers registers show a 14% increase over 18 years..  But since 2005, the increase is around 60% in the 11 years since.  Some growth, not a lot.

Read the news story here.

Cycle Adirondacks, First Cycling Touring Trip in Park

Cycle Adirondacks, a non-profit project by the Wildlife Conservation Society guides hundreds of cyclists throughout the Adirondack Park on a week-long cycling tour that showcases the unique wildlife as well as hamlets and towns the park has to offer. 

Read the news story here

Snowmobile Registrations Grow 22.5% in 2012-13

Snowmobile registrations in 2012-13 increased 26,300 to 116,725.  That is a 22.5% increase in one year!

Read the news article here.

Outdoor Recreation is a Large Growing Industry

More than 300,000 of New Yorkers are directly employed in the outdoor recreation industry.

The national report is shown here.  You will see a national map - click on New York for state specific information.

Some Back Country Snowmobile Trails Abandoned

Last winter, back country snowmobile trails in the Moose River Plains were abandoned.  Now, the 2013 Adk Council State of the Park report offers this statement:

"The DEC’s newest Unit Management Plans continue to show promise in their systematic removal of unused, dead-end and redundant snowmobile trails. The department is attempting to relocate snowmobile trails away from the interior of Forest Preserve parcels and off of lakes and rivers to make them safer and more environmentally friendly."

Backcountry Powder Skiing Association Formed

This back country glade skiing sport is getting organized in the region.  They hope to have their needs recognized as appropriate and legal.  In the meantime, their numbers are growing, they are having a good time and they bring winter business to the region.

Here is a link to the Adirondack Powder Skiing Association web site.

Bouldering is a growing sport

With the publication of a guide, bouldering is taking off.

Read the news story about it here.

46er Registrations are exploding

With 700 members, they added 412 new people in 2012 alone.  It was so much work that the volunteer managers gave up.

Read the news story here.

For Back Country Usage Showing Growth


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