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For The Great Adirondack Recreational Trail Heavily Used

The Great Adirondack Recreational Trail Heavily Used

After many fits and starts, the entire trail has been built through the old rail corridor from Lake Placid to Remsen. It supports hiking, biking, x-country skiing and snowmobiling. The 112 mile trail is one of the great outdoor tourist attractions in the Northeast and is heavily used.

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Rail Trail Construction Begins!

After years of legal struggles construction of the rail trail from LP to Tupper Lake has begun.

Read the news story here

LP to Tupper Rail Trail Wins APA Approval

After years of legal fights, the conversion from rails to trails between Lake Placid and Tupper is approved and will go forward.

Read the news story here.

Bike Path Extension Coming to Old Forge

The bike paths in Old Forge will see extensions.

Read the news story here.

Rail Trail Project Halted by Judge

A judge ruled against the State's plans for the rail trail in an Article 78 lawsuit.

Read the news story here.

New Rail Biking Business Starts up in North Creek

It is running rides 3 miles up the rail line from North River and returning the same way.

Read the news story here.

Governor Signs DEC/DOT plan for Rail Corridor

The Governor has approved the DOT/DEC plan for the Lake Placid - Remsen rail corridor.  Another step in the long process to turn a portion into a multi-use trail.  Construction to begin in December 2016.  

Read the article here.

Rail Riders to Open on SNCC Tracks

The rail bike success in Saranac Lake is branching out and will add a ride program on the Saratoga and North Creek Railways tracks starting in June 2016.

Read the news story here.

Rail Explorers Adding Routes in Delaware

The rail bike business started in Saranac Lake and will expand in the 2016 season to other tracks in Delaware.

Read the news story here.

Railbikes Now an Attraction on Adirondack Scenic Railroad

Rail Explorers is a new company providing visitors with railbikes to ride the six mile railroad between Saranac Lake and Lake Clear. Guided tours of the railway take about an hour to complete. 

Read more about this news story here

DOT/DEC Propose Plan for Travel Corridor Trail from LP to Tupper, the Rail to Old Forge

The DEC released an amendment to the 1996 Unit Management Plan that concludes that rail service will be extended between Remsen and Tupper Lake  while the 35 mile stretch between Tupper Lake and Lake Placid will become a multi-use trail. 

Read the latest plan here

The State's original proposal was to keep rails to Tupper, and turn the remainder to LP into a trail.  New snowmobile trails would link Old Forge to Tupper.

Read the DEC/DOT press release here.

Biking Getting Promoted, More Popular

This story about road bike trips in the region shows all sorts of new promotions and opportunity.

Read the news story here.

ASR Gets $781k to Build New Maintenance Shed in Utica

The REDC grant will support building a new maintenance facility in Utica.  Regardless of the resolution of the northern track, the company will keep running from Utica to Old Forge.

Read the news story here.

Supreme Ct Ruling on Abandoned Rail Corridors

The ruling says, if the railroad ROW was on Federal public land, then it reverts to the Federal Government if abandon

Read about it here.

Annual 1 Week Regional Bike Tour Wins REDC Grant

WCS won $212k to startup an annual 1 week fully supported bike tour of the ADK region for 600 riders.

Go to page 63 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here.

First DOT Hearing for the New Plan is in Old Forge

The first of a series of DOT hearings about the future of the rail corridor was in Old Forge in Sept 2013

Read the story about the first event here.  There have been three more since but no more real news.

State opens review of rail corridor

This is the next step in the process to a rail-trail.  The news about this is a bit confusing.  There are strong feeling all around.  Recently the Army Corps of Engineers effectively kills the combined rail-trail idea due to issues with wetlands.

Read news about opening the rail corridor plan for review here.    Be aware that this is a rapidly developing situation so there may be more current news on the topic.

For The Great Adirondack Recreational Trail Heavily Used


State Invests in Upgraded and New Visitor Amenities