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For Ecotourism is a Fast Growing Sector of Tourism Industry

Ecotourism is a Fast Growing Sector of Tourism Industry

A large new tourism sector has developed that is focused on learning about the environment and food production. For example, ecology tours take people into the far interior sectors of the Park to learn about forests, lakes and wildlife. Farm vacation stays teach people about food production, care and feeding of animals, etc. These are offered at a range of prices from very inexpensive involving hands-on work to very luxurious tent camping in the wilderness.

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Moose Census Hits 400

An estimated 400 moose now live in the Park.

Read the news story here.

ADK Observatory Wins $200,000 REDC Grant

The Tupper Lake observatory will use the funds to develop plans and engineering for a LEED certified astro-science building.

Read page 76 of the 2017 REDC awards booklet here.

Lake George Floating Classroom a Hit

the floating classroom is proving popular.

Read the news story here.

$70k Will Help the Adk Observatory

The funds will be used to develop plans and a fundraising strategy for the observatory in Tupper Lake.

Read the Governor's announcement here.

Essex Chain of Lakes 2015 Camping Numbers are Low

The Essex Chain area, former Finch lands, was acquired by NYS and expected to boost visits and tourism in the area.  But in 2015, only 77 camping permits were issued to accommodate just 216 people.  About 1000 day users registered at the main parking area.

This data came from an editorial that can be found here.

Wild Walk the "High Line for the Forest" at Wild Center Record-Breaking Success

The Wild Walk, which opened July 4th, 2015, has brought in record crowds to the Adirondack's Wild Center. Their best month on record for the Wild Center in July was 50,000 guests. The Wild Walk is an interactive adventure course which is both entertaining and educational about natural life in the Adirondacks. 

Read the news story here

Wild Center Wins $372k Market Research Grant

The REDC grant will seek the best ways to attract the next generation of tourist.

See page 69 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet.

TNC and DEC Team to Offer $500k to '5 Towns' Area

The 5 towns are in the Upper Hudson area impacted by the Finch land acquisitions by NYS.  The $500k grant program can be used for community and recreational tourism development.

Read about the program and find a link to the grant application here.

New iPhone App Helps Beginners Identify Birds

Cornell has released a new iPhone app expected to make bird watching and identification easier and more generally doable by anyone.

Read about the app and how to download it here.

ADK Telescope to Open Summer 2014

They have raised $200k and several good telescopes have been donated.  It is in Tupper Lake.

Read the news story here.

For Ecotourism is a Fast Growing Sector of Tourism Industry


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