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For Park-Wide Recreation Strategy Published with Approval

Park-Wide Recreation Strategy Published with Approval

A combination of State agencies, the Adirondack Partnership and NGOs have worked together to create a single, integrated, recreation plan that covers the entire Park. A task force with members from across the Park produced the plan with much input from other groups. The plan has been approved and implemented by DEC with wide support from the public and NGOs.

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Research Suggests Louder Machines are Less Disturbing to Wildlife

A review of 270 research projects by the Wildlife Conservation society suggests that motorized and mechanized recreation is less disturbing to wildlife than hiking or cross country skiing.  The findings are a surprise and contrary to conventional wisdom.

Read the news story here.
A short video with the researcher can be viewed here.

$220k REDC Grant for Park-Wide Trail and Lodging System

The community based trails and lodging system plan will include a GIS db of all existing trail and lodging infrastructure, recommendations for new trail and lodging, and building of small projects

See page 71 of the 2014 REDC Grant Awards Booklet.
Also see this website to find out more about the project

Warren Cty Gets $410k for First Wilderness Plan

The plan can be reviewed here.  This grant is to begin implementation.  Water lines, and a sewer feasibility study in North Creek.  Feasibility of extending scenic rail service.  water access improvements, etc.

See page 84 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet

Upper Hudson Tourism Planning Effort Gets $255k REDC Grant

This coalition will work on water quality, agriculture, tourism and promotion across 7 counties.

See page 81 of the 2014 REDC Awards, Booklet

LP, Montreal and Plattsburgh Partner to Boost Tourism

The 3 mayors met to discuss ways to increase tourism.  Recently the IOOC announced joint Olympic bids would be accepted.  Also, the Plattsburgh Airport expansion will included a international arrivals / customs space.

Read the news story here.

ADK Park Recreation plan published

This public/private effort published its plan to promote the Whole Park

Read the plan here.

For Park-Wide Recreation Strategy Published with Approval


New Trails Connect Hamlets to Backcountry and to Hamlets


Private Investments in Tourism Growing Throughout the Park