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For New Trails Connect Hamlets to Backcountry and to Hamlets

New Trails Connect Hamlets to Backcountry and to Hamlets

New trails (bike, ski, snowmobile and hiking) make it easier for people to get between hamlets. They also enable people to get to and from the back country directly from hamlets. Most are safeways, separate from existing highways. Less use of cars and fewer parking issues are one result.

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Loss of Snowmobile Connector Trails Erodes Trust

Trust between local government, the State and the region's environmental activists is back to a low point after the ending of the snowmobile connector trail project.

Read the news here.

Protect Wins Suit Stopping Snowmobile Trails

Protect has won it's suit to stop the building of snowmobile trails on the Forest Preserve.  More importantly, the suit won on the idea that seedlings and saplings count as protected "timber" - this is a big change.

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Cedar River Bridge Can Be Built

Protect lost their case because the new bridge replaces an old one.  It will allow Minerva and Indian Lake to be connected via a snowmobile trail.

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Protect Sues NYS Over Snowmobile Trail, Again

Protect and ADK Wild lost one suit about these trails, but has filed another about a snowmobile trail segment including a bridge over a river.

Read the news story here.

ADK Hut-to-Hut Report Released

The report is the result of 3 years of work and outlines 59 different trips all over the Park.  

Read an article about it here.
Read the actual 300 page report here.

Indian Lake Wins $84k Grant for Snow Groomer

The goomer will work on ski and snowmobile trails in the area.

See page 78 of the 2017 REDC grant awards booklet here.

Hamlets-to-Huts Wins $219k for Implementation

The grant will implement a lodging affiliate system, a reservation system, etc.  the goal is to create a wold class hut-to-hut system.

See page 78 of the 2017 REDC awards booklet here.

DEC Wins Lawsuit to Build Snowmobile Connector Trails

The lawsuit claimed saplings and trees smaller than 3 inches were 'timber' and thus protected.  The case was dismissed.

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$50k Grant Awarded for Community Based Trails

Several partners aim to build a community based trail system called "connecting Loons, Lakes and Lodging".  The group is based in Saranac Lake.

Read the news story here.

DEC Announces "Hut-to-Hut" Recreational Trail System

DEC announced their latest initiative of a "hut-to-hut" recreational trail system which will provide access to lodging for those wanting to visit the Adirondack Park for more than a day. The huts will be in the areas of Newcomb, Minerva, Indian Lake, Long Lake and North Hudson. 

Read the plan here.

Adirondack-Algonquin Trail Plan Launched

A new, 300-mile international trail initiative that would stretch from the Adirondacks to Algonquin Provincal Park in Ontario has been launched. The trail is in the beginning stages, but is based upon a journey a famed Adirondack moose named Alice made. 

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Ticonderoga Allowing Limited Snowmobile Access to Downtown

Snowmobilers will now be able to access downtown Ticonderoga via a trail through the Bicentennial Park from the existing multi-use Lachute River Trail. 

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Adirondack Park Agency Approves Management Plan for Essex Chain Lakes

The APA passed a management plan for the Essex Chain Lakes region that allows a new, multi-use recreational trail from Indian Lake to Minerva a new bridge over Cedar River and tent sites along the Hudson River. 

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Adirondack Park Trail Plan Approved for Inclusion in North Country National Scenic Trail

DEC's announcement that the Adirondack Park Trail Plan has been approved allows for the addition of 158 miles of scenic trail through the middle of the Adirondack Park to be included in the planned 4,600 mile North Country National Scenic Trail. The route through the Adirondack Park avoids the High Peaks and would initially contain 27 miles of road walking, that would hopefully be turned to trail as well. 

Read the DEC approved Adirondack Trail Plan here

APA Approves DEC Snowmobile Connector Trails

The Community Connector Trail Plain will link the five communities of Long Lake, Minerva, North Hudson, Newcomb and Indian Lake with a four-season trail plan that focuses on snowmobile traffic in winter months. 

Read the News Story Here.  

Three $80k NYS Grants for Snowmobile Trail Groomer

The machines will be used on trails around the Inlet, Speculator, Lake Pleasant areas.  Snowmobile registrations increased 22.5% state-wide last year.  There are grants for machines in the Tug Hill area as well

Turn to page 79 of the 2013 REDC grants booklet here.

Hiking Wadhams to Essex

The Champlain Area Trails hosts hamlet-to-hamlet hiking day,  Wadhams to Essex

Read the story about it here

Protect the Adks files suit over new inter-hamlet trail

The same trail brings Protect to sue the State for an Article 14 violation.

Read the news story here.
Read more about Protect's legal position here.
Read news about the most recent ruling on the lawsuit here.

The same inter-hamlet trail allows closure of other trails and a new wilderness designation

New trail allows closure of back country trails and road along with a new wilderness classification

Read the DEC press release here.

New multiuse trail connect Inlet and Raquette Lake

Bikes, walkers, snowmobiles, etc are all expected users

Read the DEC press release here.

For New Trails Connect Hamlets to Backcountry and to Hamlets


New Style Guide and Outfitter Businesses Do Well


Park-Wide Recreation Strategy Published with Approval