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For New Style Guide and Outfitter Businesses Do Well

New Style Guide and Outfitter Businesses Do Well

These guide services create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for visitors of all income levels. They arrange everything from tents to great camps for your stay, all sorts of activity options and almost any food you can imagine. These services are offered as a menu of choices at the low end to completely custom at the high end. The guides have all the expected outdoor skills but also dispense history and environmental topics as easily as campfire stories. There are training programs to give people the skills to do this work and a number of businesses in the Park are using this model.

Influenced Scenarios



Huttopia Opens Lake Luzerne Glamping Area

The long planned project has opened with 79 tent cabins on 275 acres.  Opening was delayed for a year by the pandemic.

Read the news story here.

Huttopia Planning More Than 100 Sites

The new glamping campground will be in Lake Luzerne in the southern area of the Park.

Read the news story here.

50 Site Glamping Business Coming to Warren County

The Warren County Fairgrounds, Warrensburg, in  will be leased to Adirondack Safari to operate a 50 tent 'glamping' business through the summer.  The company operated last summer on a different, smaller, site and is seeking to grow.

Read the news story here.

Posh Primitive Open in Chestertown

A high end camping (glamping) business has opened to good reviews in Chestertown.

Read about the property here.
Read a review here.

Expectations Changing for Guide Skills

New generation guides specialize in areas like backcountry ski touring, ice and rock climbing, birding, naturalist studies, wildlife photography, SuP tours, and more.  5 star food or specialized food are in.  It really is a very different business from the past.

Read Joe Hackett's story about these changes here.

Legislation Would Change Guiding S6663

NY Senate S6663 would broaden the definition of a guide service to an activity on the Forest Preserve.  Alcohol consumption would be prohibited.  Require companies only hire licensed guides, each guide would be required to have Sate and Federal Tax ID numbers.

Read about the proposed changes here.

Glamping on the Rise in the Park

More and more instances of upscale camping destinations.  Here's a link to story about a bunch in Upstate NY, many in the Park.

Newcomb Guides Wait to Invest

Newcomb guides services are waiting to invest until they know how the new Forest Preserve lands will be classified.

This is discussed in the news here.

For New Style Guide and Outfitter Businesses Do Well


Many Government Owned Recreational Assets are Privatized


New Trails Connect Hamlets to Backcountry and to Hamlets