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For Regional Growing Season Extended Significantly

Regional Growing Season Extended Significantly

Tapping into geothermal energy sources, use of high tunnels and other season extenders are very widespread. Also, hardier crop varieties have been developed. Low-cost green houses are used by some, sometimes heated by waste heat from electricity generation or as part of a centralized thermal heat generation scheme. Many of these approaches come from farmers in Quebec that have been working these issues for a long time. Warmer climate is also a factor. Some of these projects aim for availability of produce throughout the full year, which opens up major institutional markets like the schools.

Influenced Scenarios



Cornell Wins $69m Grant for Grape Research

Cornell will be working on genetic research to improve harvests under unstable weather conditions we see now in the State and also work on cold weather grapes.

Read the news story here.

Juniper Hill Farm Extends Growing Season

The Champlain Valley farm has built high tunnels with geothermal heat to extend their growing season.

Read the news story here.

Warmer Weather Brings Early Maple Syrup Season

Maple syrup is beginning to flow over a month earlier than previous years in the area due to the warm weather this winter. Farmers are hoping for weather conditions to stay favorable to ensure a continued good season. 

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Agbotic Wins $1.9m for Year Round Greenhouse Operations

The Potsdam NY company plans robot operated greenhouses at multiple sites in the region. 

You can read about the grant on page 87 of the 2015 REDC awards booklet.

Growing Local Greens in Winter

High tunnels and other methods support some crops.

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Rivermede Farm Solar Thermal Demo Project Funded

The farm in Keene Valley will use solar thermal to heat soil beds in existing greenhouses that are expected to produce all year.

This is one of 8 demonstration projects  from the regional sustainability plan done a year ago that you can read here.

Turn to page 78 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here for more details

New North Country Food Grant Includes Season Extenders

This grant aims at distribution issues but also will help with project to extend the growing season.

Read the news story here.

For Regional Growing Season Extended Significantly


Land Trusts Start Young Farmer Programs in Region


Regional Services Improve Economics of Local Food