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For CSA Subscriptions Have Tripled in 10 Years

CSA Subscriptions Have Tripled in 10 Years

Community Supported Agriculture has become a hugely popular way for families to buy food from farms they know. The CSA model provides capital to farmers to begin the season and customers share in the bounty or failure of the farm that year. This shift of risk to customers, and lowering of upfront costs to farmers, has meant lower prices to customers and better incomes for farmers.

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CSA Farms embrace and build community

Farms like Fledging Crow, and Essex Farm add a community dimension to their farm styles.  These farms hold volunteer days and festivals.  You are joining much more of the farm experience and farm community.

Community supported agriculture (CSA) farms are doing well

They are so successful they are causing friction at Farmer's Markets.  The market organizers got past this and CSA pickups at the markets are allowed.  But the discussion highlights how big an impact CSAs are having.

Read the news story about this here.

For CSA Subscriptions Have Tripled in 10 Years


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