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For “Adirondack” Recreational Goods Brand Goes National

“Adirondack” Recreational Goods Brand Goes National

An effort to develop a recreational goods manufacturing cluster, along with the corresponding activities and guide services, is launched using the “Adirondack” brand. The idea is to copy and expand how the company “Patagonia” used the attributes of that region of South America, but across multiple companies in the Park.

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Geodesic Aerolite Boats to Relocate to the North Country

Geodesic Aerolite will relocate to the region from Georgia.  It produces small very light boats and runs weekend long canoe building program for visitors.  The company won a $33k grant from the State.

See page 75 of the 2017 REDC Awards booklet here.

Rail Bikes Expanding to New Jersey

The rail bike business started in Saranac Lake is expanding to new Jersey.  A new company is proposing a similar business in the Saratoga North Creek rail line.

Read the news story here.

Thermo Tents to Establish in Saranac Lake

The Irish company produces a line a larger tents of a couple of designs. 

You can see the company's products here.

Hacker Boat Planning a Move from Ti to Queensbury, Expanding

The company produces fine mahogany boat designs.  The move with triple their space and grown from 45 to 80 employees. 

Read the news story here.

ADK Packworks Distributed through WholeFoods

Here's a good a example of an Adirondack brand getting somewhere outside the region:  ADK Packworks is a resuable bag for shopping that ties into the pack basket concept.

ANCA Wins $100k Grant to Launch ADK North Country Branding Effort

ANCA won this NCREDC grant to develop a plan for certification based product brand akin to "made in Vermont"

Turn to page 75 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here.

Placid Boatworks burns down and rebuilds

Placid Boatworks offers expensive hand crafted boats for 1 person are just the thing to make here

Read the news story here.

For “Adirondack” Recreational Goods Brand Goes National


Adirondack Brand Now Leads Yellowstone and Vermont