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For Visitors Decline as Private Sector Declines in Park Interior

Visitors Decline as Private Sector Declines in Park Interior

The Park’s interior is seeing declines in visitors as the economy shrinks. Common services like gas stations and food stores are unavailable without a long drive, especially in winter. Cell phones and broadband are often unavailable. Fewer visitors want to vacation in a place without basic services or where most of the store fronts are empty and "For Sale" signs are in front of everything. It's just not attractive.

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Unemployment Hits Lows Across the Region

Clinton County unemployment is just 2.7%.  Essex 3.3%.  Franklin 2.9%.  Hamilton 4.2%.  Warren 3.2%

The national average was 3.9%  This was for the period ending in Dec 2021

Read the news story here.

Star Lake Grocery Closes Again

The new owners have not been able to keep the store open and it will be closing, leaving the area without a grocery store within 50 minutes or an hour.

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NY21 Congressional District in Top 20 for Outdoor Industry Spend

Outdoor recreation spending by residents in our congressional district (NY21) hits $1.5 billion annually.  This does not include spending by visitors.

Read the news story here.

NYS Tourism Analysis Shows Growth in the Park

Essex County has shown 7% growth, other counties have grown too but at half the rate or less.  Some areas are barely positive.  The whole park tourism growth rate is 3.4%.  Warren county is the largest tourism market.  Lots of great data starting on page 33 of the report.  Visitors are not declining.

Read the report found here.

Grocery Store to Reopen in Star Lake

The closing of the store meant a 30-40 mile drive for groceries.  It took $350,000 in State loans to reopen the store.

Read the news story here.

New Coffee Shop Opens in Saranac Lake

The new coffee shop in Saranac Lake is part of a trend.  Another one recently opened in Keene Valley.  They can become community hubs.

Read the news story here.

Trading Post Opens to Replace Wanakena General Store

The Pine Cone Grill in Wanakena announced the opening of the Trading Post, a general store located in their restaurant. It will replace the previous Wanakena General Store that closed in October, 2015. 

Read the news story here

Read about the closing of the Wanakena General Store here

Champlain Centre Mall in Plattsburgh to Be Renovated

The parent company of the Champlain Cetnre Mall in Plattsburgh has committed to a significant investment in renovating the building. The upgrades include replacing the ceiling, new paint and lighting, adding new seating areas and replacing and updateding indoor trees. 

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North Woods Bread Co. & Pine Cone Mercantile Open in Schroon Lake

North Woods Bread Company and a home furnishing store Pine Cone Mercantile were recently opened in Schroon Lake by the same owners. The bread is made in house at the bread company.

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La Chute Plaza Resale Shop Opens in Ticonderoga

One of the newest businesses in Ticonderoga is the La Chute resale shop that offers items ranging from rare collectibles, to dining sets and to consignment items. The manager said the business, that opened in the end of summer, is doing "really well." 

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Riverside Pet Boutique Opens in Warrensburg

The historic Empire Shirt Factory in Warrensburg will now be occupied by a "one-one-one spa service" for pets. The pet grooming business only uses natural and organic products and due to the one-one-one nature of only handling one pet at a time, no pets are kenneled. 

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Alltech Integrations Merges with Security Concepts After Growth in Region

The Potsdam-based company Alltech Integrations has seen steady growth in the Adirondack region in recent years and looked to expand operations in Plattsburgh. The local business Security Concepts merged with Alltech Integrations to allow that expansion of service and facilities. 

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Barcomb's Furniture in Champlain Closing

Barcomb's Furniture store in Champlain cited decline of the area's economy and competition from large, national chain stores as its reasons for closing after 50 years of business. 

Read the news story here

Sears in Saranac Lake to Close

The closure will leave a big hole in Main St starting around the end of August.

Read the news story here.

Bloomingdale General Store Closed

The store opened in 1904, one of the oldest in the Park.

Read the news story here.

Newcomb General Store Lost

The general store, one of only a hand full of businesses in town, was destroyed by a fire.

Read the news story here.

Marshalls to Occupy Large Existing Retail Space in LP

Marshalls, a clothing and home goods store, will open in the long vacant space next to Hannafords.

Read the news story here.

North Hudson Gas Station Reopens

I-87 Exit 29 gas station in North Hudson has re-opened.  It is the only gas station in the area.

Read the news story here.

New Wilmington Gas Station to Open

After a few years, Wilmington will get a gas station back in town

Read the news story here.

Hamilton Cty Has Lowest Unemployment in NYS

At 4.2% Hamilton Cty has the lowest unemployment in the State.  The Bronx and Brooklyn are the highest.

Read the news story here,

Brant Lake to Get its Store Back

The general store, closed in 2006 in an arson case, will reopen in May 2014

Read the news story here.

M&M Diner in Ausable Forks to Close

Another business closure hit Ausable Forks.  The town lost it's hardware store not long ago and now a popular restaurant announced it is closing.

Read the news story here.

Newcomb branch bank will close

The only bank branch in town will close. The nearest bank will be in Long Lake

It  had only short open hours but at least it was a real bank branch.  Read the news story here.

Reports say the last food market in Long Lake will close off season

The off season closure means all Long Lake will have in the winter for food is a Stewarts Shop.  That's better than nothing but pretty bleak.

Last gas station closes in Wilmington

The Wilson Farms shop and gas station in Wilmington has closed. No buyer has been found.  It was the only gas station in Wilmington, the location of Whiteface Mountain Ski Center and a major winter attraction.

Read the news story here.  As of September 2013 it remains closed.

For Visitors Decline as Private Sector Declines in Park Interior


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