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For Two-Thirds of Park Towns have Local Land Use Plans

Two-Thirds of Park Towns have Local Land Use Plans

In 2013, only 17 Towns and 1 Village Adirondack Park Agency approved Local Land Use Plans but many more had zoning regulations in place. With a push from the APA, 2/3 now have approved Land Use Plans. In every case, a key step was to hire a professional development person and grant writer. Plans have focused on revitalization of hamlets, maintaining their character and making them livable communities and many have found State grants to support revitalization.

Influenced Scenarios



Long Lake Wins REDC Grant for Comprehensive Plan

Long Lake won a $35k grant to develop a comprehensive plan for the town.

Read about the grant on page 77 of the 2018 REDC Awards Booklet

Indian Lake Adopts Comprehensive Plan

The Town Board of Indian Lake has adopted a comprehensive plan for land use.

Read the news article here.

Wells Updates Comprehensive Plan

Town of Wells is working to update it's comprehensive plan.

Read the news item here.

Lake George Town Adopts Comprehensive Plan

LG has adopted a new comprehensive plan, also new sewer regulations.

Read the news story here.

Lake Placid Continues Work on Comprehensive Plan

The planning group is holding public forums to discuss the future of Lake Placid's economy, the challenges of 'event fatigue' and the decline in car ownership in younger urban populations.

Read the news story here.

LP and North Elba Approve Comphrensive Plan

The two boards have approved a final version of the plan to guide their efforts.

Read the news story here.

Lake Placid Comphrensive Plan Update

This article includes the main elements of the plan update out for review.

Read the plan details here.

Inlet Updates Master Plan, Extends Sewer

Inlet has updated its master plan.  Among other things it will extend its new sewer system.

Read the news story here.  Also a more recent update here.

Lewis Working on a Comphrensive Plan

Lewis has begun work on a comprehensive plan.

Read the news story here.

Saranac Lake Considers APA Approved Plans

Saranac Lake is considering developing an APA approved plan.  The only Village with such a plan is Lake George.  It would give the Village control over projects that now require APA permits, like the new proposed hotel on Lake Flower

The news story about this can be found here.

Editorial Offers Examples of Advances in Town Planning

This Lake George Mirror editorial refers to a number of examples of local regulation on invasives and land use planning.

Read the article here.

Saranac Lake Looking Into an APA Approved Plan

An APA approved land use plan would mean the Village can take over reviews and permitting of projects from the APA.

Read the news story here.

For Two-Thirds of Park Towns have Local Land Use Plans


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