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For New Stricter Water Quality Regulations Implemented

New Stricter Water Quality Regulations Implemented

A suite of new rules require septic inspections and reconstruction. All flood plain construction is stopped. A minimum of 100 foot buffers (were 50 foot buffers in 2012) are created between water front and any human activity including homes, farms, grazing, etc. Even larger buffers are created in obvious drainages. Septic systems in hamlets and on waterfront are major targets of the new rules. Waterfront is defined to include small brooks and streams as well as rivers and lakes. The new rules enjoy widespread support among residents who have been noticing declines in water quality.

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4th Mirror Lake Water Quality Report Released

ASRA and Paul Smiths released the 4th annual water quality report about Mirror Lake in LP. 

Read the report here.

Storm Water Study Grants Come to LG and Ti

Both Lake George and Ticonderoga will see $30k grants to study storm water runoff problems.

Read more on pages 68-72 of the 2019 NYS REDC Grand Awards Booklet.

Black Brook Wins $760k Grant for Drinking Water System

The current system is vulnerable to flooding and uses a damaged pipe under the Ausable River.

Read more on pages 68-72 in the 2019 NYS REDC Grant Award Booklet.

Eckford Chain Begins Septic Initiative

The Eckford Chain, including Blue Mtn Lake, has begun a septic system pumping and inspection system.

Read the news story here.

Bolton Passes Septic Inspection Law

The town (on Lake George) will now require septic inspections when a property is sold before a closing.

Read the news story here.

NYS Grants for 2 Drinking Water Systems

Chester will see $1m and North Elba $1.3m for drinking water system work.  The North Elba funds are for Ray Brook drinking water.

Read the announcement here

NYS Grants for 3 Wastewater Systems

The 3 systems all exist but need major work.  Crown Point will see a grant of $1.3m.  Saranac Lake will see a grant of $4.8m.  Speculator will see a grant of $1.8m

Read the announcement here

Grant Will Complete Lewis Drinking Water Project

The $750k grant will finish a major water system project in Lewis.

Read the news story here.

Black Brook Wins Funding to Seek New Water Supply

A $30k Federal grant will help the town find a new water supply.  Currently it gets water from Jay but the flows have changed and diminished what is available.

Read the news story here.

Two Towns Win Grants to Upgrade Drinking Water Systems

Saranac and Lewis will see $907k and $750k respectively to upgrade their drinking water systems.

See pages 74 and 76 of the 2017 REDC grant awards booklet here.

Mirror Lake Road Drainage Project wins $420k

The project will fix an area where storm water flows directly into the lake and involves replacing a culvert.

Read about the grant on page 70 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet.

Main Lake George Beach Closed Twice in August for Pollution

A second closure of the main LG beach in August will surely get the attention of local businesses many of which depend upon prime tourism season income.  A new sewage treatment plant is in the works.

Read the news story here.

Town of Lake George Adopts New Septic Regs

Five years of work has led to adoption of septic regulations that replace 40yo rules. New rules reduce allowed flow rates and increase setbacks to 200 feet.

Read the article here.

Sagamore Fined for 2014 Sewage Spill in Lake George

The Sagamore resort was fined $12,000 for a 7,000 gallon sewage leak from their system into Lake George. As part of their response, they were required to undergo an extensive study of their sewer system, which was recently extended due to the complexity of the study. 

Read the news article here

Plattsburgh Unveils Bioretention Basin for Runoff Issues

After a two-year effort to study Plattsburgh's stormwater infrastructure and the improvements needed in the system, a bioretention basin was unveiled at the US Oval. The green infrastructure diverts runoff from the parking lots and naturally purifies the water before it hits Lake Champlain. 

Read the article here

$10m Lake Flower Cleanup Planned

DEC will spend $10m to clean old coal tar sediments dumped into Lake Flower many years ago. The site is Pontiac Bay, next to the proposed new hotel.

Read the news story here.

Lake Champlain Sees $662k in Clean Up Grants

68 towns in NYS and VT will see an array of water quality grants.

Read the news story here.

53 Sign Invasives MOU for the Park

Groups of every stripe signed on to a Park-wide effort to address aquatic invasives.

Read the press release here.

LG Bans Fertlizer Within 50 Feet of the Water

Lake George has banned use of fertilizer and lawn chemicals closer than 50 feet to the lake - the same rule are neighboring Queensbury.

Read the news story here.

Cross-State Pollution Rule Revived

The US Supreme Court revived rules that make it illegal to let emissions in one region impact another.  This applies to the successful controls at midwest power plants that have helped with acid rain minimization.

Read the news story here.

Contaminated Drinking Water in Dannemora, for 2 years...

The water system in Dannemora has pushed residents to use bottled water for 2 years.  Now, the following item has appeared in the Adk Council's State of the Park report: 

"Contaminated drinking water problems in the Town of Dannemora, which appear to stem from a DOT salt storage site. Reports in April showed that 18 homes had high chloride levels and three contained an inert form of cyanide used to prevent salt from caking."

New Water Withdrawal Regulations from DEC

November 2012, the DEC finalized its new regulations governing large withdrawals of water from state sources for commercial purposes. The DEC will now track all commercial operations using 100,000 or more gallons per day. It will phase in the mandatory reporting requirements over the next five years. Over time, the DEC will be able to develop a state water budget and track where this resource is being used, sold and moved to other parts of the nation

This description is from the Adk Council's 2013 State of the Park report.

New Water System for Ticonderoga

The Town of Ticonderoga is working on a $13.8-million improvement to its drinking water system. The town will stop using surface waters from Lake George and Gooseneck Pond and switch to underground sources.

This project was highlighted in the Adk Council's annual report here.

Town of Lake George to Inspect Septic Systems

The Town of Lake George announced this spring (2013) that it would be inspecting all
septic systems at homes and businesses within 500 feet of the lake and within 100 feet of a tributary stream.

This effort is highlighted in the Adk Council annual report here.

Tupper Lake Needs New Water Source, Saranac too

The problems is tannins in the lake water combine badly with the chlorination process. Saranac Lake has the same problem, using McKenzie Pond water.

Read the news story about this here.

Essex and Washington Counties pass anti-invasives laws

These laws allow ticketing and fines for transport of invasives.

Read the news story here.

For New Stricter Water Quality Regulations Implemented


Municipalities with Public Sewer Systems Double


Park Becomes Center of Water Quality Research in the NE