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For Main Street Revitalization Grants Improve Hamlets

Main Street Revitalization Grants Improve Hamlets

Relative to Vermont, for example, many ADK hamlets and villages were ugly and run down. To attract new residents and small shops, a variety of grants are used to improve the look and feel of Main Streets all over the Park.

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Tupper Lake Wins $10m Revitalization Grant

The village will manage the process for spending the new funds.  It expects this effort to transform Tupper Lake forever.

Read the news story here.

Ticonderoga Wins 3 Smart growth grants

$100k will go to Main St revitalization.  $100k will go to an 18th century sawmill reconstruction.  $100k will go to accessibility features at Fort Ti.

Read about the grants here.

Tupper Wins 3 Hamlet Grants

$100k will go to study the winter recreation economy.  $100k will go to a facade improvement program.  $75k will go to construction of the Observatory.

Read about the grants here.

Northville Wins $75k for Waterfront Revitalization Plan

The village of Northville has won a $75k grant to develop a waterfront revitalization plan.

Read about the award on page 61 of the 2018 REDC Awards booklet.

Saranac Lake Wins $10m for Downtown Revitalization

The village of Saranac Lake has won a $10 million grant form NYS for downtown revitalization.

Read the news story here.

Regional Economic Development Plan Funded

The Federal grant will pay $70k, half the total, to seek ways to support private investment and job creation.  Essex, Warren, Washington, Hamilton and Clinton counties are included in the work.

Read the news story here.

Indian Lake to Replace the Abandoned IGA With New Firehouse

The $639k grant will build  a new firehouse and regional security center on the main street site of the long closed IGA food market.

See page 78 of the 2017 REDC grant awards booklet here.

Indian Lake to Prepare Plan for Business Development Space

Indain Lake won a $90k grant to plan for a new local business development center offering space to new startups.  It will also plan for improved water access.

See page 78 of the 2017 REDC awards booklet here.

Former Dew Drop Inn Renovation Wins $640k Grants

The former restaurant at 27 Broadway in Saranac Lake has won 3 grants totaling $640k to establish a new restaurant, bar, short stay apartments, an event space and a cooking school.

See page 77 of the 2017 REDC awards booklet here.

Northville 5 and 10 Wins $500k Renovation Grant

The Village will assist in renovation of a traditional five and dime store.  

See page 63 of the 2017 REDC Awards booklet here.

14 ADK Towns Share in $1.35m Smart Growth Grants

The grants fund a wide variety of projects including, for example, new trails, park and waterfront improvements, planning projects and so on.

Read an article with the complete project list here.

Keeseville Civic Center Wins $500k State Grant

The funds will be used to remodel and restore the old civic center.  It was built in the 1930s and closed in 2010. 

Read the news article here.

New Restaurant Opens in Saranac Lake

Fiddlehead Bistro has opened in Saranac Lake.  It was a pizza shop in a prior incarnation.

Read the news story here.

$1.43m for Revitalization of Ausable River Communities

This NC REDC grant will pay for a number of projects.  The riverwalk in Saranac Lake will be extended along with facade and streetscape improvements. New large culverts.  some natural stream restoration and improvements to the Everest Dam in Wilmington.

Read more about the grant on page 69 of the 2016 REDC grant booklet.

Saranac Lake Sees $75k to Address Zombie Homes

Abandoned homes left since the housing crash to rot will be addressed using a $75k NYS grant.

Read the news story here.

$22k Will Plan the Last Improvements in Lake George

The funds will be used to develop a shovel ready plan for the last part of Canada Street in Lake George to be renovated.

Read the Governor's announcement here.

Warrensburg Showing Retail Rebound

Retail businesses in Warrensburg are showing growth and investment.

Read the news item here.

$800,000 REDC Grant Awarded to 3 Towns

Ticonderoga and Saranac Lake will each receive a $300,000 grant to renovate mixed-use buildings in their downtown areas. Indian Lake will receive $200,000

More information can be found on page 82 & 83 of the 2015 Grant Booklet. 

Lake George's Gateway Project Improves Route 9

The multimillion dollar reconstruction of a mile stretch of Route 9 going north from the Northway exit 21 aims to improve improve the community and commerce in the area. New sidewalks, crosswalks, curb cuts themed lighting and landscape improvements are some of the many changes that will occur to improve transportation of all kinds and bring a better atmosphere.

Read the news story here

Warrensburg Using Grants to Enhance Town Park, Sidewalks, Town Hall

Using grant money, the town of Warrensburg has made many improvements to their Echo Lake park including upgrading the pavilion, adding new grills, and painting the restrooms. In addition to the park, the town is continuing the community enhancements by adding new sidewalks and upgrading the roof and windows of the town hall. 

Read the news story here.

Lake George Main Street Redesign Project

The $50k grant will complete conceptual design for streetscape enhancements.

See page 86 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet

Future of Lake George Project Funded

The $535k REDC grant will advance the plan for the future of LG as an economic engine.  It also covers studying of a model storm water project

See page 81 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet

Schroon Lake Park Gets $192k Uplift

The Park is in town and popular with tourists.

See page 72 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet

Clinton, Essex Get $786 for Revitalized Tourism Areas

The are mostly waterfront projects but alos does streetscape improvement in Peru,  Saranac Lake, Schroon Lake, Crown Point,

See page 72 of the

DANC will run NC Revitalization Fund

The $5m fund will support redevelopment, rehab, revitalization and infrastructure in the region.

See page 71 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet

Demolition of the Old Lyons Falls Mill to Begin

The old paper mill shut down in 2001 and has partially collapsed. 

Read the news story here.

$300k Added to Smart Growth Program

DECs Smart Growth Program has $300,000 added to it.  Communities with existing smart growth plans can apply.

The article mentioning the program is here.
The new NYS system for applying for this is here.

Port Henry Gets $131k Mainstreet Improvement Grant

It will help commercial, residential and street scape improvements.

Turn to page 78 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here.
The news story here reports progress on the grant - work is expected to start in Feb or March 2013

Lake George and Saranac Lake get Sidewalk Grants

Lake George ($1.1m) and Saranac Lake ($800k) have received grants to improve pedestrian and bike routes.

Read the LG story here
Read the SLK story here.

Saranac Lake Mainstreet Revitalization Project Funded

This project will address fuel oil and electricity conservation in downtown mixed use buildings to make the area structures more financially sustainable.

This is one of 8 demonstration projects  from the regional sustainability plan done a year ago that you can read here.

Turn to page 78 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here for more details

Lyons Falls Mainstreet Revitalization Project Funded

The Lyons Falls project is about making the community more walkable and pedestrian friendly.

This is one of 8 demonstration projects  from the regional sustainability plan done a year ago that you can read here.

Turn to page 78 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here for more details

Northville Approves Historic District Plan

The plan, developed by a citizens group, means property owners can apply for significant grants to improve the district.

Read the news story here.

Lake George Wins $100k for Streetscape Improvements

The project will also help with storm water management.

Turn to page 97 of the 2013 REDC grant booklet here.

5 Hamlets Complete "Smart Growth 3" Projects

Ausable Forks, Long Lake, Indian Lake, Blue Mountain Lake and Caroga Lake each will have their own Hamlet 3 design projects done this fall.  The designs are completely different for each town.  It is now up to the towns to move the plans forward.

Read the news here.

Saranac Lake forming a "Downtown Advisory Board"

Saranac Lake is organizing a "Downtown Advisory Board"  to help the Village government makes plans for various improvements.  There will be 7 members appointed for two years.  The group is modeled after the advisory group that worked on the successful bike plan.

Read the news story about this here.

Plan approved to make Saranac Lake more bike and pedestrian friendly

The plan provides connections between different recreation areas thru the town and to schools

You can read about the plan in a news story here.  Another description is here.

Lake George REDC grant will begin revitalization plan

Lake George Village received an REDC grant to begin developing a revitalization plan

Read the grant description here

Lake George Village accepts 6 story zoning

The Village is the only one in the Park to have an APA approved land use plan. 

You can read about the Board adopting the taller building (6 story) zoning here

For Main Street Revitalization Grants Improve Hamlets


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