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For NYS Policies Better Support Smaller Businesses and Farms

NYS Policies Better Support Smaller Businesses and Farms

The movement toward smaller-scale farming and net-based virtual companies with few employees is being supported by State economic policies that for so long have only focused on the big corporations. The process Governor Cuomo put forth in the 2011 Regional Economic Council push started the trend by making grants available for many small investments rather than only going for a couple of big ones. Microenterprise Assistance Programs have popped up all over the Park, often helping self-employed people get small businesses started.

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New NYS Law Relives Liability of Agrotourism

Activities like cutting your own Christmas tree, pick-yourself farms, corn mazes and so on now are relieved of liability issues arising from those activities.

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$200M Fund Will Provide Credit Financing to NY Small Businesses

The NYS Small Business Investment Company Fund will provide credit financing to small businesses in NY that can provide solid returns to the state pension fund. The goal is to help increase lending options to small businesses while improving the economy.

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Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce Hosting Small Business Seminars

In partnership with the North Country Small Business Development Center, the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce have announced two Small Business Seminars this fall. 

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Chester Selected as One of a Handful of Medical Pot Growing Sites

Chester will be the location of one of the new medical marijuana growing locations in NYS.

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Essex Cty Awards 5 Microenterprise Grants

5 grants awarded to Essex County businesses

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PSC Will Get $300k for Logger Training

The funds will help buy a simulator that trains students how to operate todays advanced logging equipment.

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Proposal to Cap Farm Assessments to 2% Increases

The proposed new law would cap increases in farmland tax assessments at 2% per year.

You can read about the new law here.

$2.4m Tourism Transformation Loan Fund set up

$2m is for tourism businesses, new and existing,and can be for lodging, restaurants, art and culture venues, recreation and even infrastructure. The loan program adds $400,000 for digital conversion of theaters,  This, paired with REDC grants which can only remburese funds actually spent, should help jump start some projects.

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New "PrideofNY" Site connects Consumers to Local Food Sources

The Pride of New York is to connect you to every sort of farm and related business. You enter your zip code, select how far you will go and pick the products of interest.  Some 3000 farms are included. The site is also intendedto serve commercial buyers in institutions, restaurants and stores.

Seven Tupper Lake businesses get microgrants

The REDC process in general has been very good for small projects. This specific case shows seven businesses in Tupper Lake that got grants.

The news story is here

For NYS Policies Better Support Smaller Businesses and Farms


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