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For Agritourism, Local Food, are Fast Growing Markets

Agritourism, Local Food, are Fast Growing Markets

People are increasingly interested in enjoying locally produced food and even vacationing on a working farms. Vegetables, grass fed meat and dairy products, maple products, even hops and grapes are grown. Regional wines, beers and alcohol products are growing as well. More farms in Champlain and St. Lawrence valleys are offering visitors a place to stay with meals produced locally. In the meantime, the Greek yogurt boom is providing a market for lots of Grade 3 milk from large operations.

Influenced Scenarios



Three LG Restaurants Featured on the Food Network

The restaurants are all owned by the same family.  Cate's italian Garden in Bolton Landing, Chateau by the Lake, and and Diamond Point Grill. 

Read the news story here.

CCE Wins $99k to Increase Reach and Effectiveness of ADK Harvest

The reach and effectiveness of ADK Harvest is the purpose of the $99k grant to Essex County Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Read about the grant here.

Nettle Meadow Farm Moving Cheese Making to Lake Luzerne

The farm, in Thurman, is going to convert an old restaurant into a cheese making plant, tourist attraction.  It is supported by a $120k grant.

Read the news story here.

Brew Pub Opens in Bloomington

The region has yet another brew pub opening, this time in Bloomington.

Read the news story here.

$4m In Federal Research Money Coming to NYS Maple Industry

The USDA grant will pay for research programs to increase production.

Read the announcement here.

Farm-to-Table Programs for Schools Win REDC Grants

Cornell Cooperative Extension programs in Essex and Warren counties each won about $100,000 in grants to bring more local fresh food into schools.  

Read the news story here.

NYS Launches 6 Cuisine Trails Across the Park

The new driving trails take people to farms and local food restaurants in each area.

Read the news story here.

Etain to Add Space in Queensbury

The medical marijuana company in Chester has run out of room.  They will expand in Queensbury.

Read the news story here

Paradox Brewery to Anchor Frontiertown Campground

Paradox, from Schroon Lake, broke ground the same day as the big State project did.  It will turn the old site into a gateway to the Adirondack region.

Read the news story here.

NYS Approves Six Cuisine Trails

The 6 driving trails are all over the Adk Region and intend to link tourists to various breweries and farms.

Read the news story here.

New Brewery and Hops Farm Coming to Chestertown

Hudson Hollow Hops has won a $90k grant to establish a microbrewery, tasting room, event space AND a hops farm in Chestertown.

See page 94 of the 2017 REDC grant awards booklet here

New Keene Art Farm Launching

A new venture in Keene will bring together farming and art in innovative ways with a variety of programs.

Read the news story here.

New Cold Weather Grape Varieties Succeeding Here

Clinton and Essex Counties now have 11 commercial vineyards and 6 wineries.  21 new varieties of cold weather grapes are in test in Willsboro.

Read the news story here.

500 Sq Miles Designated American Viticultural Area

This means grape growers and wine makers can label their production locally if 85% of the grapes used are grown in this region.  Clod weather grapes are expected to give the region's wine a distinctive taste.

Read the news story here.

NYS Takes #2 Maple Syrup Production Spot

NYS moved into the #2 position in maple syrup production this season.

Read the news story here.

Another Cuisine Trail Coming to Southern Franklin County

It makes sense that driving trails for cuisine pop up in smaller sub regions of the Park.  

Read the news story here.

Adirondack Harvest Local Food Guide Created

A local food guide has been created for Warren, Saratoga and Washington Counties under the name Adirondack Harvest. It will provide information on farms, processors and sources of local foods like farmers markets. 

Read the news story here

Vermont Proposes Legalization of Marijuana

The proposal in Vermont is important as a neighboring State demonstrating how legalization might work, what issues arise, the economic benefits, etc.

Read about the Vermont proposal here.

Cuisine Trail Being Developed for Essex County

The State plans to set up 10 'cusiine trails' featuring local food and drink, farms, and restaurants.  A group is Essex County is organizing to apply for one of these designations.  

Read the news story here.

Local Creamery, Farm Store and Coffee Shop Opens in Saranac

Farmhouse Pantry is now open in Saranac offering coffee beverages, homemade bakery items with locally sourced, organic ingredients and regular food items with ingredients from local farms. The store will soon have the first local creamery in Clinton County as well. 

Read the news story here

Essex County Cheese Tour Draws Crowds to Local Farmstead Creameries

For a second year, the Essex County Cheese Tour will feature local farms producing cheese in on-site cave. Visitors can tour the farms and sample their offerings. The farmers boast significant success in recent years. 

Read the news story here

Etain, the Chester Based Medical Marijuana Company Getting Rolling

Etain was one of a handful of licensees granted permission to open in NY State.  It is in the Adk Park, in Chester.

See a video about their recent open house here.

New Adirondack Wine & Food Festival a Success

The first year of the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival in Lake George that featured local wine, beer, spirits and food items drew a large crowd of over 2,400 people for the weekend. 

Read the news story here.  

Regional Grape Harvest Growing

New vineyards in Warren, Washington and Saratoga counties are beginning harvests.

Read the news about this here.

A variety of new, hybrid grapes are helping the industry grow in the colder climate. 

Read the news about this here.

$90k in Grants Coming to Small Farms

Three farms in Jay, Ausable and Essex will each see small grants to help with capital investments.

Read the news story here.

Region to See $168k Grant for Local Beer and Wine Promotion

The grant will support the Adk Craft Beverage Trail, including a mobile app, website, etc.  for 13 breweries, 4 wineries, 3 distilleries and a cider house.

Read the news story here.

Brew-Ski Event in Tupper

A ski event, with stations to taste leading local beer, comes to Tupper Lake

Read the news story here.

State Program Showcases NYS Ag Products

"Taste of NY" showcases NYS products all over the State.

Read the news story here.

Mace Chasm Road Agri Tourism Destination

Several farms near Keeseville are cooperating to create a new food-and-beer tourism hub.

Read the news story here.  (disclosure - many of these farmers are friends of ours)

Smaller NYS Dairies Finding Success with Robot Milkers

The robots allow the cows to decide when the get milked and address the difficult problem of farmer labor.  The story is about a farm with 100 cows.

Read the news story about this here.

Champlain Valley Young Farmers Gaining Velocity

The group is developing many ways to support eachother.  Tools, machines, land, distribution approaches - this group is reviving farms in the region.

Read about who they are and where they are here.

Sugarhouse Creamery Revives Upper Jay Farm

The new farm focuses on cheese and milk production.  They an apartment on the property via AirBnB to tourists. 

Read about it here.

Federal Money Helps Small Daires go Organic

Small milk conventional producers have a difficult time making money but they appear to do better by going organic.

Read news about this program here.

Lake Placid Schools Begin Local Food Effort

Keene and Schroon Lake are already on such programs.  Now LP will move ahead.  Schools are becoming good customers for local farms.

Read the news story here.

Proposal to Cap Farm Assessments to 2% Incresese

The proposed new law would farmland assessments to 2% increases per year.

Read the news story here.

Old Forge Farmer's Market Thriving

"The Old Forge Farmer's Market has become a driver for increased business in town on market days, as well as being the Friday “place to be” to meet your neighbors, see and be seen. The OF market generated this year (2013) almost $3000 in local food pantry and supplemental nutrition support and also served as a business incubator for 8 local artisans and craftspeople"

Quote from Nick Rose, Exec Director, CAP 21

Adk Coast Wine Trail Approved

The tourism drive is along the northern coast of Lake Champlain is expected to be a boost to the new operators in the region.

You can read the news story here.  The new wine trail has a website here.

Asgaard Farm and DaCy Meadow offer farm stay vacations

Farm house options for vacations being offered

Asgaard Farm is in Ausable Forks
DaCy Meadow is in Westport

Paul Smiths College offers upscale dining

Summer 2013 will see a new upscale dining option at the college

Read the news story about this here.

Rolling Hills Farm resort sale completed

This is a big step ahead for a new agro/farm resort

Read about the Rolling Hills deal news here

For Agritourism, Local Food, are Fast Growing Markets


Craft Beers and Microbrewers Popping Up