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For Amendment Allows Use of Roadways for Community Utilities

Amendment Allows Use of Roadways for Community Utilities

Most of the State highways that run through the Park travel over land that is part of the Forest Preserve. This means that telecom, water or sewer systems can not be put under the roadbed, which is the obvious corridor for installing new utility infrastructure. This amendment solves this problem once and for all. If you want to bury something under an existing State or County highway to meet a community need, it is now allowable. (Town roads not included)

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NYS Legislature Accepts Land Purchase for Land Bank

The new 250 acre Land Bank for various utility projects now becomes usable.  It was passed by voters, but NYS has to buy more than 1200 acres to get the Legislature to approve activating the Land Bank.

Read the news story here.

Amendment Allows Use of Road Corridors for Utilities

Voters approved the use of road corridors for utilities and bike paths without use of acreage from a land bank.  Previously all road corridor utilities were illegal.

Read the amendment language here
Read the associated implementation law language here
Read the voting results here
Read how it will work here

CGA Group Offers White Paper on Utility Amendment

The CGA Amendment Working Group released a white paper offering a proposal to allow buried utilities under roads as part of a larger proposal.

The paper and data can be found here.

For Amendment Allows Use of Roadways for Community Utilities


Amendment Creates Community Small Project Land Bank