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For Counties Set Up Shared "Back Office" Operations for Towns

Counties Set Up Shared "Back Office" Operations for Towns

One of the easiest ways to save money at the town level has been to use shared, online services for sending out tax bills, accounting, purchasing, payroll, insurance, legal, banking as well as other administrative functions. Counties have set up the systems, eliminating the need for some positions at the town level. Invisible to the public, this has become a common approach to reducing jobs and lowering purchasing costs in order to meet the 2% tax cap without service reductions.

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Essex County Wins $147k to Consolidate Some Services

The funds will go to three areas:  Information technology, GIS work to support highway and public works projects, also to assist with formalized community planning.

Read the news story here.

ROOST Adds 5 Towns to Marketing Program

ROOST will develop a coordinated market plan for the 5 towns known as the Upper Hudson Recreational Hub.  Minerva, Newcomb and North Hudson in Essex Cty combined with Long Lake and Indian Lake in Hamilton County.

Read the news story here.

Warren County Towns Head to Joint Purchasing

The joint purchasing effort will cover 105 items ranging from fuel to mower parts.

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New Essex Co Emergency Radio Online

Essex County has replaced 1950s era emergency radios with an integrated county-wide system.

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Hamilton Cty Consolidates all Fuel Delivery

$800k final phase of work, ending with decommissioning existing fuel dispensing facilities at school, towns, etc.

See page 72 of the 2014 REDC Awards Booklet

ROOST Takes on Marketing Work for Essex and Hamilton

ROOST is the "Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism".   It runs tourism marketing for much of Essex County.  Now it is expanding and will handle tourism marketing for Saranac Lake.  The article below reports ROOST will run tourism marketing for Hamilton County as well. This makes sense for the perspective of tourists who have no idea what the names of the counties are or where they are on a map.

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Essex County Takes on Tax Assessment Work for 2 Towns

Westport and Elizabethtown have contracted with Essex County to get tax assessments done instead of hiring their own assessors. 

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Saranac Lake asks Counties to Take Over 911 Dispatch

Saranac Lake has asked the counties (Franklin and Essex) to take over emergency dispatch service from the Village.

Read the news story here.

For Counties Set Up Shared "Back Office" Operations for Towns


Congress Eliminates Second Home Interest Deduction


Five Villages Vote to Disband their Government