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For State Delivers More Services Electronically

State Delivers More Services Electronically

Use of broadband by the State is lowering the cost of government while improving service to citizens, most of whom are connected to broadband. One result is that the State needs fewer physical offices, since workers can be centralized in fewer locales, or in some cases decentralized, with State employees working at home. Most applications and forms can be filled out online and submitted electronically. Widespread deployment of broadband means that most people now can use these electronic services.

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Town of Moriah, Ticonderoga Connect with Citizens via Youtube

Moriah town officials have begun posting monthly meetings on Youtube for residents to stay better connected with town happenings. The town of Ticonderoga posts their meetings on Youtube as well.

Read the news article here

NYS Opens Centralized Grant Management Portal

The management of State grants has been a paperwork nightmare.  The new central system is expected to improve grant processing.

Check out the new site here.

Buy Your NYS Hunting, Fishing, Trapping Licenses Online

DEC has launched an online service to buy these licenses.  Only NYS residents can use it.

Go see the site here.
Read the news story here.

Boating, Fishing, Hunting Docs to be Added to Driver's License

Hunting and fishing permits, a boating safety certificate and certain state park passes will be listed on a driver license, eliminating the need to carry multiple documents.

The program, known as the New York State Adventure License

NY Gov ID Site Provides Single Logon for Many Services

This NYS site provides access to state services like taxes, dept of motor vehicles, the State health insurance exchange, social services, unemployment and more.  It gets more comprehensive all the time.

It you use any single service, the same logon gets you access to them all.  Check out the whole offering here.

Many of these service used to require visits to county offices.

Open Meeting Webcasts Required

Executive Order No. 3, requires state agencies and public authorities to broadcast meetings subject to the Open Meetings Law via the internet.

Look here for all NYS public meeting webcasts.

Look here for Adk Park Agency webcasts.  This sites archives all old meetings as well.

SAGE Commission Recommends More Use of E-Services

Many recommendations in the SAGE Commission's Final Report call for use of electronic services from the Consolidated Funding Application to an e-licensing platform.

For State Delivers More Services Electronically


Largely Empty Interior Zones Declared ADK State Park


State Encourages Remote Work in Many Depts and Agencies