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For Broadband Operational in Most of the Park

Broadband Operational in Most of the Park

The State of New York has been working hard to expand broadband in all of Upstate NY including the Park.

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CV Wireless Wins $300k Airband Grant from Microsoft

The grant will pay for setting up services to 300 homes in 3 areas: Whallonsburg, Willsboro and Reber.  These are Champlain Valley farming communities.

Read the Microsoft announcement here.

NYS Adds >$100m to Complete Broadband Buildout

The North Country REDC region will see more than $100 million in round three of the effort to bring broadband to the entire State.

Read the news story here.

3 Broadband Projects to Begin

Lyon Mtn, Bellmont and Schroon Lake are about to see work begin on broadband projects.  

NYS Broadband Grants Sending Funds to the Region

The grants are a continuing effort to bring fast broadband to everyone in the region.  This round of grants awarded funding to Black Brook, Jay, Ausable, Westport, Wilmington, Keene, Essex, Morehouse, Indian Lake, Arietta, Lake Pleasant, and Long Lake.  There are more rounds to come.

Read the announcement from the Governor's office here.

90% of Hamilton Cty Wired for Broadband

in 2016, ninety percent of Hamilton County now has 10mbs or better connections to the internet.  A second phase will boost speeds soon.

Read the news story here.

New Company to Increase Broadband Access in Park

Mohawk Networks, LLC was created this year with the goal of providing broadband internet service to Franklin, St. Lawrence and Lewis counties. 

Read the news story here

NYS Funding to Finish Broadband Build Set for Proposals

The State is now ready to take applications for the $1b effort to connect the entire State.  Proposals are due in April.  Completion is planned for 2018.

Read the news story here.

Broadband Reaches 75% of Hamilton Cty Homes

In a briefing, Senator Schumer was told that broadband now reaches 75% of homes in Hamilton County.

Read the news story here.

Indian Lake Gets More Broadband

More DSL capacity has been installed in the hamlet area of Indian Lake.

Read the news story here.

Moriah Receives Fiber-Optic Network Service

BridgePoint Communications in Crown point has installed a new fiber-optic cable that will now provide high-speed broadband to the town of Moriah. The line is part of a 15 mile cable in Crown Point recently installed.

Read the news story here.

Ticonderoga Gets Fiber Service

New fiber broadband service now operating in Ti.

Read the news item here.

$3.7m for Broadband in 4 More Towns

Minerva, Newcomb, South Belmont, and Black Lake win broadband funding.

Read the news story here.

Long Lake Broadband Coming Summer 2014

SLIC Networks has been added customers from Clifton-Fine (Star Lake, Wannakena, Cranberry Lake) to Childwold and Tupper Lake along Rt 3.  Their extension to Long Lake is expected this summer, 2014

Read the news story here.

Area in Jay to Get Broadband

The area of Jay called AuSable Acres has received a broadband grant of $557k for connect 800 homes.

Read the news story here.

Thurman Gets $200k for Broadband

The project will use a new wireless technology to deliver service over the old television spectrum, called white space.

Read the news story here and a second story here.  It is a new technology so it was a bit controversial.

New Broadband Grants for 4 Towns

Long Lake $1.4m, Schroon Lake, $2.2m, Bellmont, $1.0m and Lyon Mtn $1.0m all for last mile connections to homes and businesses

Read the news story here.

SLIC Expanding, Adding 40 Homes Each Week

The Saint Lawrence Internet Company (SLIC) was awarded a Federal Stimulus grant in 2010, at the same time DANC was awarded funds for the trunk line from Watertown to Westport.  SLIC is following the DANC trunk to last mile connections to retail customers.  Their region extends up to the St Lawrence River.  They are adding about 40 homes each week.

Read the latest on their plans and how they are working with NY State here.

Cell Networks 4G Upgrade Well Underway

Verizon and AT&T are upgrading sites all over the Park now.  Verizon expects to complete upgrades in the region by the end of 2014.  AT&T is starting in the western areas of the Park and does not have a completion date.

Read the news story about this here.

Numerous broadband extension projects are underway

The projects will bring service to Hamilton County and well as Ausable, Schroon, Bellmont and more. 

Read about the 2012 grants here.  At this point there are so many of these grant funded efforts that it is hard to keep up with all the details.  Within a few years, broadband should be a solved problem.

For Broadband Operational in Most of the Park


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