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For Saratoga – North Creek RR Begins Regular Service

Saratoga – North Creek RR Begins Regular Service

The Iowa Pacific Company has invested in the line that connects to Amtrak in Saratoga making it work well for New Yorkers. Passenger counts exceeded all expectations, bringing skiers and summer visitors to North Creek w/o a car all year round. Freight service has been added. An extension to Newcomb is in the works as a green solution to hauling mine tailings to markets now reached by trucks.

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SNC RR Closes, Ending Adirondack Operations

The railroad has removed all the stored tankers, and all of its operating equipment.  It has closed all of its operations.

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Tahawus Mine Has a New Owner

The old mine has a new owner beginning to remove tailing piles for construction stone.  This could be the key customer that keep the SNC-RR in operation.

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Tank Cars on S-NC RR Sidings Will be Removed

The tanks cars that were being stored on the Saratoga North Creek rails will be removed from the State.

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Saratoga - North Creek Rail Used for Used Tank Car Storage

It was intend to be a scenic rail tour operation but now the Saratoga - North Creek rails are being used to store unwanted tank cars.  

Read the news story here.  More old tank cars have been moved to the site since this news story.

SNCRR Cancels Ski Trains

The skit train has been cancelled at the last minute for the 2nd year in a row.  Consideration is being given to a different use of the rail corridor.

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Warren County and Saratoga-North Creek Railroad Renew 5 Year Contract

Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC, the company which operates the Saratoga-North Creek Railroad, and the Warren County Public Works Committee finalized an agreement to renew their 5 year contract of the train service.

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S-NC Railroad Adding Dining & Lounge Cars & 15 More Dining Trips

Due to popularity in dining trips in previous years, the Saratoga-North Creek Railroad is adding "luxurious" dining and lounge cars and offering 94 dinner, brunch, and lunch train trips with locally sourced food and beverages. 

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S-NC Railroad Ends January and February Snow Train

After low usage rates for the past few years, the Saratoga - North Creek Railroad announced it will no longer be offering passenger snow trains to North Creek in January and February. There is a possibility some weekend passenger trains will run in March. 

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S-NC Railroad Losing $1m a Year

Tracks need upgrades for rock hauling.  The passenger business is losing a lot of money.

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S-NC Railroad to Study Connection to Rensselear

The connection to Amtrak in Albany would mean passengers get 10 trains a day to NYC

S-NC RR to Begin Stone Shipments from Tahawus

The week of 10/20/2014 daily trips of 2000 tons out of Tahawus begin. Another contract for 6000 tons daily is almost ready.  A monster 27000 tons/day contract for 20 years is also in the works.

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80% of Iowa Pacific Holdings Sold

Iowa Pacific Holdings owns the Saratoga North Creek RR and 13 other short rail operations.  The news investors are expected to add financial strength to the company.

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Hadley, Thurman RR Stations Being Repaired

The RR stations are on the Saratoga North Creek RR and will support passengers but also crews working on stone shipments that will start May 1.

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Stone Shipments to Begin on S-NC Rail Line

Stone will be shipped on the rail line from Tahawus

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The train is so successful that events are being created based on train access

The Saratoga & North Creek Railway is a hit.  One engine slightly derailed in August of 2013, but the press was all about how many people didn't make it to a planned event.

Freight is the real business, not passengers

Currently freight hauling from Barton Mines and pulpwood from Tahawus to Corinth appear to be the best opportunities for profit.

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For Saratoga – North Creek RR Begins Regular Service


Roadway Upgrades Aim to Create World Class Driving Tours