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For Clean Up of J & L Iron Mines Site Completed

Clean Up of J & L Iron Mines Site Completed

Through a combination of State and Federal money, the former mining site in the town of Fine has been cleaned up and is again available as an industrial development site. This site represents 25% of all the land designated Industrial Use within the Adirondack Park and was a blight on this otherwise generally environmentally clean region.

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Second $1.7m Phase of J&L Cleanup Funded

The second phase of work involves $1/7 million for continued demolition of buildings.  Work is to begin in the spring of 2018

Read the news story here.

Star Lake Buildings Torn Down

The old J&L mine buildings are actually being torn down.

Read the news story with a video of the ongoing work here.

Contract Signed to Remove 11 Buildings

Eleven of 26 long abandoned building at the old J&L mine in Star Lake under a $587k contract.  The 3000 acre site is the largest industrial location in the Park. It was closed in 1977 and abandoned.

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Rail to J&L Site Being Rebuilt

A contractor has been selected to rebuild the rail line to the former J&L mine site and the former Newton Falls Paper mill.  Another step in the long process of attracting a new user.

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EPA to Begin J&L Site Cleanup in July 2014

The project will work on cleaning up the old oil dumping area.  Removing the buildings is not yet funded.

Read the August 2014 update here.

J&L Industrial Site Subdivided

This step split off some land that is not contaminated for development.

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Waste Tanks Found Nr Lake George During Park Construction

A complex set of tanks, two very large, were a surprise find during Park construction in Lake George.  They were full.  They were not on any plans.

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J&L mining site cleanup efforts continue

This phase is to split off some un-damaged land from the problem area

The news story is here.

For Clean Up of J & L Iron Mines Site Completed


Broadband Operational in Most of the Park


Diverse Telework Jobs Develop Slowly at Many Levels