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For Towns Merge Highway Departments

Towns Merge Highway Departments

With financial pressures building due to the Property Tax Cap, Towns have been forced to cut costs significantly. One relatively easy step for some towns is to merge their highway departments with those in neighboring towns or with their county department.

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Hamilton Cty Wins $218k Grant to Consilodate Waste Mgt

Following a study funded last year, the county will implement a plan to consolidate 8  solid waste and and recycling sites.

Read more about on page 72 of the 2019 NYS REDC Grant Awards Booklet.

Hamilton Cty and 3 Towns to Study Solid Waste

The winter population of 5000 grows to 75000 in summer presenting problems with solid waste and recycling that can be better managed.

See page 78 of the 2107 REDC grant awards booklet here.

Voters Stop Plan to Dissolve LP Village Court

The town of North Elba court was to take on the work currently done by the Village of Lake Placid court but voters declined the proposal

Read the news story here.
Voters rejected the proposal a second time too.  Read the story here.

3 Towns Swap Roads With Clinton Cty

Three town have swapped roads with Clinton County.  This could be a model for other arrangements to make more sense of town and county road maintenance.

Read the news story here.

Corinth Village and Town to Combine Water Systems

The town and the village won a $400k REDC grant to merge the operation of town and village drinking water systems.

Read about the grant on page 89 of the 2016 REDC grant awards booklet.

DANC Swamped With Consolidation Studies

The Development Authority of the North Country is behind on finishing consolidation studies.  But in the article is says Clifton and Fine decided not to proceed with consolidation of the two towns.

Read the news story here.

Clifton and Fine Launch Consolidation Study

The two towns have been managed together for some time.  With the help of DANC, they have launched an 'Efficiency and Consolidation Study" beginning with a series of monthly meetings.

A description of the project, people and tasks can be found here.

LG Town and Village Share Code Officer

A village/town plan to share a code office is expected to save some money.

Read the news story here.

Washington County Starts Talks for Highway Dept Changes

Washington County has begun to review options for consolidating highway departments.

Read the news story here. And 2 months later, more discussion about snow plowing here.

State Offers Taxpayer Rebates for Towns Sharing Services

The 2014 budget offers incentives for towns to reduce spending via shared services and consolidation of town and school budgets.  This is a followup to the 2% budget caps.

Read about the programs here.

Lake George Town and Village Sign Sharing Agreement

Most people probably didn't know there were both Town and Village governments. 

Read their sharing agreement here.

Some Town and Village Sharing Discussions Starting

The Town of Moriah and the Village of Port Henry are looking for shared service opportunities.  Read the news story here.

The Town of Lake George and the Village of Lake George are also in the news for sharing services.  Read the story here.

For Towns Merge Highway Departments


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