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For New NYS Easement Purchases Keep Landscapes Working

New NYS Easement Purchases Keep Landscapes Working

Many more farm land and industrial timberland owners sell all development rights to NYS, but stay in production, preserving the working landscape and jobs.

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8000 Acres on the Grasse River Protected

7000 acres are a conservation easement, 1000 acres will be added to the Forest Preserve. the land is near Colton and Clifton in St Lawrence County

Read the news story here.

OSI Buys Easements on 9300 Acres of Working Forest

3 parcels, totaling 9300 acres, in the southern Park will continue as working forest but be protected from development.

Read the announcement here.

2400 Acre Easement Protects Boquet Watershed

The Adk Land Trust purchased an easement on 2400 acres of land.  Called Eagle Mtn Preserve, apparently it had been heavily logged.  Trails will be established in the future.

Read the news story here.

51,000 Acre Easement Sold

51,000 acres of working forest has changed owners.  It is in the northweat area of the Park.  It will remain a working forest with various development restrictions.

Read the news story here.

Adk Land Trust Announces 2000 Acre Easement

The easement near Tupper Lake covers 2000 acres.  It will allow continued logging but not public access.

Read the news story here.

LPLC Gifted 125 Acre Easement in Jay

The Lake Placid Land Conservancy has been gifted a conservation easement on a 125 acre parcel in Jay.

Read the news story here.  

273,000 Acres Now Owned by Molpus

A second large industrial timber land acquisition makes Molpus the 2nd largest landowner in the Park.

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Read the company website here.

$20.5m Coming for Farmland Easements

NYS is making $20.5m available for farm conservation easements.  This is a state-wode program.

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$300k Grants Coming for Conservation Easements

The funds in the region will be matched in various locations with existing land trust organizations around the Park.  The funds can be used for farmland as well as forests.

Read the news story here.
The the press release from the Governor's Office here.

Large Timber Easement Sold to New TIMO

130,000 acre diverse northern hardwood forest sold. Molpus, the company, is based in Jackson Mississippi.  The operating office is in Saranac Lake.

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1300 acres easement picked up by OSI in Keeseville

This is an industrial forestry easement near Keeseville.

Read the news about this easement here.

For New NYS Easement Purchases Keep Landscapes Working


Forest Preserve Valuation Methods Updated


New Round of Forest Preserve Purchases Competed